Proving Grounds ... meh

Have you test drove the new proving grounds that came in patch 5.4? It's a really cool concept. You enter a solo scenario, pick the raid role you want to practice on, then FIGHT!

Silver, fight 7 - get globule to hit Mystic
so he doesn't cast heals.
To get each achievement you need to complete a series of fights within the time period. They start off easy, 1 mob, and increase in number of mobs up to the final fight. You exceed the time-limit on a single fight in the series and it resets COMPLETELY back to the first fight of the round.

So far, Elk has completed the Bronze level. There's a really great comments on Wowhead by Voxxell (BronzeSilver, Gold) that details what you can expect at this level. I feel that I could have completed the Silver level, except I kept getting hardware issues. (think new video drivers I installed this week will fix it).

The problem I see is that the implementation isn't much more than animated training dummies. Sure, in the Silver round, they heal, they cast amber globules that follow and stun, but it's all about how efficiently you can fire off the Incinerates and use your AOE, and not about training. Oh, yeah, it's a proving ground, not training.. The proving ground panda says something generic like "make good use of your area of effect spells".

I like the idea. It is good place to try out different rotations and explore different talent trees on actual mobs and not just a training dummy, but by the time I got started with the silver fights, I was rather frustrated. Yeah, mostly because randomly during the fights I had been getting DC'd or huge 2 second lag spots. This would often cause the fight to be very close (down to last second) or fail all together and I'd have to start over again. I remember a few rounds I had 1 small varmint left sitting there with ~10 health (probably laughing at me in his little illusionary voice). I would love it if you could retry a single fight, without having to start completely over again. Maybe make a separate achievement for Proving Ground Perfection (no retries!).

Have you tried them out? How far have you gotten? Would you suggest it to guildies? New players?


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