Noodle Cart Phase 2 walkthrough (spoilers)

Last weekend, I continued along the process of starting my noodle cart enterprise. First off, ran the instance of Jade Serpent for "Bad Feeling, Worse Result" 3 times.

First off, I didn't see the scroll you are looking for, and left the dungeon thinking it was bugged. Second time, I died trying to kill Lin Da-Gu. Third, with some help, I finished. As a warlock, I suggest you ask one other player come along. Lin Da-Gu was fairly easy for my voidwalker to tank, but he has an ability that killed me almost instantly. Run back into the dungeon after death and everything has reset (doors closed).

The next step is to catch bags of grain. This is EASY once you figure out the big trick. Clear area of beasts, use the ability on the item to put your arms out, then run to the dust motes. When you catch 5 bags, turn around and run back up the hill to the cart with a hunters mark over top. As far as I can tell, we don't actually use the grain in the cart.
To start, we're going to need lots of grain to make noodles.
Instead I made 6 basic recipes. I used 3 of my ironpaw tokens to buy items for the recipes.
  1. Charbroiled Tiger Steak (5) you need raw tiger steaks; had from killing tigers on Timeless isles
  2. Sauteed Carrots (5) you need 10 juicy crunchy carrots; my farm
  3. Swirling Mist Soup (5) you need 5 jade lungfish; fishing but I bought them using tokens
  4. Shrimp Dumplings (5) you need 5 giant mantis shrimp, fishing, also I bought with tokens
  5. Wildfowl Roast (5) you need 5 wildfowl breast; birds on timeless isles
  6. Ginseng Tea (5) you need 5 ginseng; sold from cooking supply vendor; fairly certain I had the tea from drops.
Combine these to make 5x basic carts.

Next up, another dungeon, Stormstout Brewery to collect spilled brew. Looks easy enough, just loot from dead alementals.

Unfortunately, the next cart recipe is possible (550 in all the "ways"), but the final cart is almost impossible to complete (so far); 600 in each of the various 'way of the ___' cooking styles.  In addition, the prospect of making money from fellow players, is a mini-game (see youtube) where you can earn 2 more ironpaw tokens, not a gold making opportunity. I had really thought I could drop into a raid, pop up my noodle cart and sell buff food to fellow players for a few gold...
Set out a Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart to sell Pandaren Treasure Noodle Soup!

You don't get gold from people buying noodles.


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