Oh man...

I was just looking at the talent calculator looking for possible holes in my warlock spec. Going down the list of talents that Elk has selected and ...

  1. Soul Leech - Passive - heals based on damage done. 
  2. Shadowfury - Instant cast - stun on all enemies in aoe reticle. 
  3. Soul Link - Instant cast - share damage with pet. 
  4. Unbound Will - wha???

I can remove "movement impairing effects"!!! This immediately brought me to last night's 4 wipes on the Durumu fight and his annoying eye sore maze and the slow caused by Lingering Gaze. I am putting up a button as soon as I get home!

That reminds me, I put a new button on my 'healing' bar the other day. A druid buffed me with Symbiosis. This in turn gave me rejuvenation, a HOT. Not the coolest or most interesting of druid talents, but definitely has a nice niche. You know when I am short a healthstone, lifeblood is on cool down, soul leech isn't doing it and don't want to interrupt dps loop to drain life.

So much for missed opportunities..


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