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So, my game play had dropped of quite a bit lately. I took Tuesday off from work and spent my time playing Fallout: New Vegas, not WoW. Nothing like playing a FPS, console-ish game on your PC to change your DPS style, ammo matters. The one mechanic that really had me is the 'weight gain' aspect. You cannot simply carry something in every bag slot until they are all full, but each 'major' item has a weight value and your character can only carry up to that point. Beyond that my movement is impaired (no jumping, no running) and if I go too far, he simply falls over. Imagine if Blizzard decided that they finally needed to implement this in WoW?! 
I just died because I won the roll on Mimiron's head, but looting it because it exceeded my weight limits!!
The one grind in WoW I have managed to keep up is my reputation grind with the Tillers. I've managed to do the dailies about 3 times the last week. I have an 8 plot farm and at revered I was able to pickup the irrigation system. Installed, but I still haven't been able to use it. With 2 more quests added to my dailies, I'd imagine that I should be exalted and planting songbells(?) by the end of November.


  1. Hey Elk!
    OMG you got Mimiron's Head? Gah! I officially hate you! lol! Gratsie! Holy crapolie, I have no idea what the drop rate is there but OMG it must be extremely low.

    When you get a dog for the farm, let me know if yours is as lazy as mine. Rather than keeping critters out all mine does is dig holes, sleep and swim. Before you grow the Songbells, make sure to plant plenty of Carrots! Trust me on that one :)

  2. no, no, no head. It was simply a bit of role-play. :)


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