Warcraft, I haven't forgotten you...

Just been busy. See, June starts with my wife's birthday, followed closely by the kids getting out of school for  their summer break, our first vacation of the summer; ending around the 4th of July with a neighborhood garage sale and catastrophic hard drive failure.

Yeah, nothing like doing a little research on some doll to have the auction site pass you a copy of a virus and wipe out (what appears) to be all of the files on my PC. It still boots, I can logon, I see the drives still full, but no content. Rumor has it there's a popup ad around that advertises a drive-fixing tool. This ad pushes down the problem, that you 'can only fix' using the tool?? Don't click the [X] to close the window, as it is rigged to fire off the code. I only learned of this virus yesterday at lunch and haven't tested the tool. 

Why? Borderlands. Three of us from the guild have been playing this multi-player FPS off and on for about a month. Borderlands is about a near future alien world, once used for mining, now taken over by the miners (aka prisoners). I am playing Mordaci (a hunter), specializing in sniper rifles and hand guns (pistols and revolvers). I find myself constantly comparing game mechanics with Wow. Quest givers show with a ! on the mini-map, but not floating over their heads. Items twinkle if they are part of a quest, unfortunately, you don't need to be on that quest at the time (hmm this switch is twinkling, but doesn't do anything). On the opposite hand, Borderlands brags about a billion weapons. Guns are randomly generated at the drop time. So, the same boss could drop the same pistol twice, and it would have different stats each time. Personally, this makes determining what's better overly difficult. Do I want +2 reload speed, or +2 damage? My biggest comparison complaint?? Mounts don't jump! I want the dune buggy to jump when I hit the space bar (like my goblin trike), not just, well nothing. 

In other news, I enjoyed the book RedShirts, especially the audio edition read by Will Wheaton. As a warning, it's not a hard sci-fi book. The last book of Scalzi's that I read was the Old Man's War triplet; it's not like that. Still enjoyable. 

WoW, I'll be logging on again. I'd love to get my arena team back together again for a few more rounds before the end of Cataclysm. Before I do that though, I need to rebuild my UI again, I lost all my configuration when the drive disappeared. Maybe I'll recover my WTF folder, if the fix above works?? We'll see. With MoP coming out, it's time to start thinking about those addons and what hasn't been updated in the last couple months/years... 


  1. Heya Elk,

    Wb! Sorry about your computer woes because that really bites. I had a trojan corrupt my computer last year and having to wipe and restore my entire system was the worst.

    I've never done Borderlands, but my guildies are talking me into a night of Team Fortress 2 on Steam. In years past I've done a lot of FPS in soloplay so it will be fun to get in there with a group.

    I hope your well and my best always...


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