Who said I wanted to date my add-ons?

With the 4.3 patch, a number of my favorite add-ons have quit working "Out of Date". While I can simply work around the error pop-ups (or even suppress them), I'd rather not have that overhead, especially while in the middle of a battleground or dungeon. Nothing more irritating, than having that 'inspect' dialogue box popup while in the middle of a fight, over and over again. Unfortunately, as minor addons, I don't expect any updates on them very soon.

TBag by Shefki

Way back in BC, I had an issue with my install of Warcraft where my bags would not display correctly. Instead of simply reinstalling the software (it was on 4+ cds, plus all the patches up to BC and my internets were not very fast), I went with an addon. TBag is my absolute favorite for this purpose. It's biggest strength is that it SORTS. Yeah, sorts your bag view into areas. Food, drink, bandages and pots are at bottom, quest items at top, gear is along the right, and other miscellany around that. Hearthstone is always in the bottom right hand corner. I've been looking for a replacement, but they show all-in-one, or they sort, but they don't do both.  My fix? Hack the code of TBag so it no longer reports it is out of date. Looking at the LUA code it was just a matter of commenting out the code (from 408 beta) surrounding the version info. I can post more details, if you're interested.


Now, Minimalist had a number of minor functions that were nice to have. I liked having the rep-counter, where it posted in chat my current rep score with various factions, "20999 until exalted with Cenarion Expedition". It was nice to have it auto-repair when I went to a vendor (except now I am using Guild funds instead of my own!), it was nice to have it auto-accept resurrection requests. The biggest item I wanted was to auto-sell my gray items. I am happy to say that I love BagSaver now. Not only does it sell grey items when I visit vendors, but it also makes suggestions when my bags are full. My bank toon went to grab everything from the mailbox, and repost it. During that process my bags hit 0 space free. BagSaver popped up and suggested items to dump. "These two items are your least value items" I dragged one directly from the popup window and trashed it. It is also configurable to auto-sell non-usable items (plate on my warlock?) second or old soulbound items (vicious instead of ruthless). I haven't tried either out yet.

If you're interested, here's my current add-on line-up for ...

All profiles:

  1. Addon Control Panel - ACP lets me setup profiles for each of my toons, plus the roles they may play. Change to priest, set to AH view, reload, queue for PVP, when it pops, reloadui quickly and battle. 
  2. Outfitter - Quickly change and define various gear sets. Also adds info to tool-tip to see what set it belongs to. 
  3. FishingBuddy - Change to FishingBuddy outfit (gaudy pole, jaunty fishing hat), then double-click to cast, uses hat lure, drinks fishing buff beer and even summons a fishing buddy. 
  4. TBag and BagSaver - as mentioned above.

Raiding and PVP:

  1. X-Perl  and Bartender4 - Allows me to move the user view and re-allign my buttons on the bottom. 
  2. Skada - might go back to Recount as it reports me having higher DPS!?!? 
  3. Vuhdu - Disc priest primarily, but also works nicely as the raid viewer. 
  4. Omen - not that I need to worry about threat much any more. 
  5. BigWigs and DBM - love those 'get out of the ___ ' alerts. 
Auction House:
  1. Auctionator and Auctioneer - Both play slightly different roles. Main differene is Auctionator is great for posting single items, where I still rely on the Batch Post function in Auctioneer.
  2. AuctionFilterPlus - Don't want to see items you can't afford? 
  3. GoingPrice - Aggregated prices of items off Wowhead.
  4. Lil Sparky's Workshop - Price to buy pats vs price to sell on AH 
  5. Postal - Quickly open and process all your mail items. 
  6. Swindler Preventer - Tell you if that pet/recipe that you are consdiering to buy on the AH is sold by a vendor
I'd love to get back to a fully supported all-in-one bag replacement. Maybe it's time to start self-publishing the addon myself. Coding isn't that far from what I do in RL. On the other hand, I am not sure I want to take on that much work.. :)


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