Off-Topic: Why AdWords?

I am not a fan of ad-sponsored anything. If I could spend just a few bucks more (/nudge Amazon), I would rather purchase the ad-free version, instead of having to deal with something inappropriately asking me to buy something. In the long run, I don't want my kids grabbing said device and clicking one of those links. I've almost got full copies of games on my mobile phone one afternoon. "Daddy, I don't know what they want here.."

Why would I want to create income from you? Are you going to click on links simply because they came up in the word-association algorithm created by Google? I don't think so. In addition, I don't want to have any association to gold sellers, pawn shops, etc. that might come up. I'd want control. I tried the Amazon Associates thing and well, it didn't spawn anything. Honestly, my account has $0.10 in it. I wasn't hurt when Amazon pulled the whole thing due to our current Governor's failed sales tax policy.

Will I put random ads on my site? Nope. I don't want the manliest soda ads showing up.

Do you know someone who has? Has it paid off for them? 


  1. The only thing I hate more than ads on a website are ads in my feed. I get that some sites NEED to do it for hosting purposes. I guess that's the advantage of having a site with a small reader base.

  2. Blogger has never made any noise about charging based on bandwidth usage. It's only been space. Since I try to link to Wowhead for most images, then keep my screenshots low-res, it's fairly safe to say I am well below their paid limits.

    In addition, I have a ton of flexibility in the CSS coding of the site, including the ability to run scripts.

    I <3


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