Creepy Crate (107) and looking to pet 108 - Hallows End

Last night I picked up a strange little pet, Creepy Crate. This guy hides in his crate peeks out, then snacks on nearby critters. He was rewarded after a quick little, 6 step quest chain; mostly completed in and around Orgrimmar. Culminating in a zep ride to Undercity to kill a level 84 npc.

Goblin boat, not Vashjir
  1. Missing Heirlooms - Go to the Inn near the entrance, there's an undead in there complaining about his missing heirlooms. (Wasn't there someone in UC complaining about this?) If you haven't been to Vash'jir, but have the quest in your logs, you may only see the Vash'jir boat. I had to drop the quest with my alts to see the goblin ship.
  2. Fencing the Goods  - Go to the AH, one of the goblins will chat with you.
  3. Shopping Around   - Go see Droffer and Son's in the Drag.
  4. Taking Precautions - All items available in town. From around the Tauren AH, I found all 5 Blood Nettle, Crystial Vials sold by Isashi (opposite the AH), Arcane Powder (Magenius is closest).
    Blood Nettle grows like a weed.
    (Note:If you have a the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Drix sells both the Arcane Powder and Vials.)
  5. The Collector's Agent - Go kill a void walker.
  6. What Now? - I picked the Edgar Goodwin, since he gave me the initial quest. After you return the heirlooms, a crate next to him pops up a quest. On the second time through, I went to the Blood Elf. Go this way, as it has a bit more humor to it. (reference to Raiders of the lost ark). Collect pet.

Now to see about those 150 tricky Treats. I really want to get the Feline Familiar. 
He walks when you walk,
he flys when you fly.


  1. The familiar is not that hard to get, IF you have all your other achievements. After completing the opening quests, you have an easy 70 treats. Follow up with doing the dailies in UC a few days at 10 a piece and the HH at 2-5 each day. I supplemented with Trick or Treating around UC just finish off quicker.


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