Time Life Audio Presents: WoW That's Some Background Music

Background: I started this post back in June (2011) to fill a lull while I was on a vacation. I had the bright idea of going to various areas and posting short videos of load screens to capture the music. Fraps was a flop. I didn't have time to get the video settings correct to work, so it all had a green tint. Now Blizzard has announced they are posting all the music on iTunes..

Blizzard Audio is happy to present 
Taverns of Azeroth

Is your Brewfest party plans coming up short? Are you lacking in the entertainment portion of your festivities and just don't know what to do? Blizzard Audio is happy to present you with 50 wonderful minutes of pub crawling music. Ramp up your party with band from the Bad Juju Bar and Grill, then swing on over to the Pig and Whistle.

But that's not all. For the one low price, you can also bring in the Bloodsail pirates, the Taurens from Thunderbrew and the Salty Sailor.

Order now! Operators are standing by.

And for those of you, who don't have an iPhone. Too bad.


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