IT: Would you trans-down-ify your weapons?

Based on my comment on KeS, I had a light bulb moment.

Can we transmogrify our weapons (in 4.3)? I thought I read we could. With Brewfest we'll be able to get the new i365 dagger. It's an agility weapon sure.. but if I could transmodify my, say, Incineratus, with this model?

"You put Power-torrent on a wine bottle?"
Or how about the old, plank with a nail model from Vash'jir? Instead of looking scary and menacing, you could look more hoodlum. Personally, nothing better as a PVP brain basher than a board with a spike!

Just an idle thought. What WHITE weapon might you transmortify your epic Firelands weapon into, if you had the chance?


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