IT: Repurpose /CAMP

Elkagorasa want's to go camping. He wants the option to setup in some off the beaten path and visit there on a regular basis. There's a tent, a basic campfire and accessibility to some location uniquely his own. He want's to be able to simply invoke some command and go back to this location at will.

Why? For one, Elk is only 1 batch of stormchops away from Chef Elk. This recipe only drops from the cooking daily out in Shattrath; a portal and long flight into town. Shattrath were the cooking daily has you flying all over the continent. If he could simply plop down in front of Rokk, it would be lovely.

Speaking of cooking dailies, I just recently found that there are cooking dailies, with related achievements in all of the various Horde cities, "Let's Do Lunch!". Elk has completed the those in Orgrimmar, but now if he wants those achievements, will need to start regular trips to Thunder Bluff and Undercity. Ugh! (where are those portals??)

Next, Elk is still working on the Fireland's dailies. Same thing as above, portal and short flight from Orgrimmar. If he's ambitious, we go Joust and get one step closer to another shiny pet. Still, if he could setup a tent outside the Sanctuary.

Finally, Elk needs to always get back to Orgrimmar; every week with raiding, now Brewfest and auction house work, he needs to repair and put stuff up for sale, etc..

Now, to do my dailies, I am not totally without options. Blizzard hasn't left us totally high and dry.
  • Hearthstone - One guildie has set her hearthstone to the city where she is working on the dailies. Then she simply hearths back to that location does the dailies then uses another means to get back to Orgrimmar. 
  • On-Use Teleporters - These are items that you can pickup from vendors (typically) that have an on-use proc of teleporting you somewhere. The advantage here (partially) is that you don't need to set your hearthstone here. You can simply port to that destination. Dalaran has one, Orgrimmar has one (One even to Argent Tourney). The Dalaran one is rather expensive and last time I checked shared the cooldown with your hearth. 
  • Legit Portals - Getting from Dalaran or Shattrath back to Orgrimmar is easy. There's a big mage-portal there sending you home. 
  • Profession or Class specific: i.e. Engineering/ Mage/ Shamman etc. All things not available to this Warlock. 
There's got to be a way to do it all? Setting down a campsite would be great! I could really see getting exalted with a lot more factions, or running a bunch more old world content if I could at least set my hearth to odd coordinates. I want to park outside Stratholme until I can acquire the Rivendare charger. I want to cuddle up with Rokk until he gives me the Stormchops recipe. I want to get achievements, but I don't want to fly all over to get them. I want my wall of portals that we had in Dalaran.

we miss you


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