Is it Time to Drop Destro?

I played Affliction from Vanilla through Wrath. In a pug, someone griped that I wasn't doing enough DPS. Basically telling me to "Stop letting that DOT ramp up, BLAST IT!!" Soon after, I picked up my second spec and started playing Destruction.

Destruction was great, until raiding Magmaw. Then I didn't have enough AOE damage to kill the worms. Along comes Demonology. I have pretty much played demo until recently. The other night, I pug a troll dungeon with guildies and we land another warlock, he's also running Demo. So, for kicks, I flipped back to Destro. He's new to the spec, so let him have fun.

Along the way, he asks if he can make a comment. Sure, I am thinking, I am a blogger, this could mean a post! He had some good points. Take points out of Demonic Aegis and feed into Empowered Imp. Put points into Dark Arts, etc.. Looking at my talents, they made sense. What was wowpopular, wasn't any longer. Yesterday, I grabbed the 1/7/33 spec and applied it to my talents. (BTW, I love the macro 'use in game' they have. Very nice!)

Today, reading through the class feedback, it looks like destro is no longer the favorite. Common thread items are similar Donsinn's comment:
What’s on your wish list for your class?
Fix the damage coefficients for destro. CB / SF hit like wet noodles.
This makes sense. Even being in a slightly off optimal talent spec, I was doing a good 6-10k dps less than Muju. I ended up switching back to Demo form for that last fight. After we were both demo, we then had enough focused DPS to take out all the adds and finish the fight (yeah, first time clearing ZG and it's with Pally tank, Pally heals, warlock * 2 for DPS + a mage).

So... Is it time to go back to Elk's roots? Drop my Destro spec for the more popular affliction spec? This 32/3/6 spec looks vaguely similar to what I ran way back then.. On the other hand, I did love using drain life on those healers in PVP..

Something to consider..


  1. I've been Destro for ages and loved it. I specced it straight after Naxx in Wrath as soon as I had enough gear to support it. (Was affliction in TBC though.)

    I stayed Destro through T11, but never did awesome. Did okay, but very seldom in the top 3. Finally gave up on Destro a few weeks back and specced Affli for most Firelands fights, with maybe a few as Demo (Rhyolith/Ragnaros mainly).

    It's a shame that Destro seems so far behind on damage now. I do something like 2k less on a target dummy with Destro compared to the other two specs - and that's the spec I know best! Makes me sad :(

    So now I'm re-learning affli and demo *lol*

  2. Affliction is lots of fun in cataclysm in my opinion, but do keep your destruction spec as your second spec for those fights that need the quicker ramping damage from destro.

    Demonology could work too of course, but the best part with running affliction and destruction when running with a dual spec is that you don't need to re-reforge that much or at all when switching for some fights, and gear is pretty similar, sure some things have different priorities.

    Demonology on the other hand requires a whole different set of reforges, which complicates things, if you want to play both specs in one raid and switch between bosses.


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