Tailoring 1-345

My disc priest has been using the Wow-Professions.com guide to leveling her Tailoring. Over the weekend, approximately 5 hours of play time, I have leveled her from 0 to 345. This has cost me approximately 2000 gold. The best return on investment has been combining tailoring with Enchanting, or Disenchanting. After I create a bag full of items, I disenchant all those items and sell the enchanting components. The dust and shards that come back, return a good portion of the gold.

For Horde, I found the best area to level this profession is the Valley of Wisdom. Within 20 steps of each other are the three primary hot spots, AH, mailbox and trainer, and thread vendor. Only when I needed to grab a bunch of a odd color dye or the pattern from Shattrath, did I need to fly out of this area.


step 1

step 3
step 4

step 5

  1. Train a new pattern.
  2. In Advanced Tradeskill Window (ATSW), queue up the number of items I need for the pattern. Not necessarily the bolts of cloth, but the tailored pieces. 
  3. ATSW provides a clickable shopping list, use that to buy up all the cloth for the pattern from the Auction House. 
  4. Back to mailbox, use Postal to grab all my AH purchases.
  5. Run across the street to Isashi, ATSW is set to auto-buy the thread. Process my queue.
  6. Disenchant them using a mapped button.
  7. By now, the recipe is grey, go back to step #1.
Not bad. When I was trying to run this loop via the downtown Auction House and the tailoring trainer in the Drag, it was quite a, well, drag. I am now starting the Wrath recipies, so maybe it's time to start revisiting those wrath dungeons.  Only problem is that I'd either need to run solo or with a guild group, LFG tool no longer allows me to queue up for them... One bubble from 84, I don't imagine that Hellfire Ramparts will be that hard...



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