Firelands Daily Achievements - The Flamebreaker

Yesterday over lunch, my friend mentioned that I should really start working on the series of achievements related to the Daily quests. The series of 14 meta achievements roll up into a single achievement that grants "the Flamebreaker" title. Along the way, you will finish you will  complete the achievement, The Molten Offensive, (where you get that sweet mount) and have opened up both factions and all three vendors. The first 9(.5) items below you could complete right away.
So, here's my skim of the achievements and their best rated WoWhead comments...
  1. Have... Have We met  - everytime you head out to Sethria's Roost for the daily and you're army of epic joins you, wave at a few of the famous. This macro will help you find them midst the crowd.

    /tar linken
    /tar chromie
    /tar thassarian
    /tar nat pagle
    /tar mankrik
    /tar hemet nesingwary
    /stopmacro [noexists]

  2. Hunt Fiery Lords - These 4 all appear around Sethria's Roost. Supposedly the spawn one at a time, soon after the last is down. No apparent order. 
    • Kelbnar - A Charhound. He appears at the southern end of the first ledge.
    • Fah Jarakk - A Molten Giant. He is located on the second ledge.
    • Searris - A Bound Fire Elemental. He spawns on the third ledge, right where Sethira was fought.
    • Andrazor - A Firehawk. He flies above the third ledge, and needs to be pulled down with a ranged attack.
  3. Ludicruous Speed - While on the daily to summon birds, use the item and then abandon the quest. You won't get knocked out of the bird form and then all the birds are fair game. Grab 4 or 5 of the goldenwing hawks and bam, this ridiculously impossible achieve gets done in 2 mins.
  4. Gang War - Start a duel with a friend, then one of you /forfeit or /yield. (or actually win)
  5. Master of the Molten Flow - It requires killing certain mobs in certain method. Pyronus has a nice long description. The hunter sounds to be the hardest. "Position yourself on one of the vents, and aggro the Hunter. As soon as he starts channeling his ability, jump up! Quickly move to the next vent and keep going until he stops channeling. It helps if you explore your jumping path beforehand so you know exactly where to run for the next vent."
  6. And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor - Let the birds finish off the phoenix, stand next to a squirrel throwing nuts at fire elementals, punt turtle at elemental, throw bear at corehound. For more, check out Zzeke's comment. 
  7. Infernal Ambassadors - These are the meta bosses that you summon after you do the collection series (i.e. punt turtles,  howl over dead bodies, collect birds, save bears, or spirits of malorne).  (Zzeke again)
    • Nemesis - (Punting Season / Echoes of Nemesis) - When Nemesis begins to erupt, run over to Tooga and hide under his protective shell.
    • Millagazor - (Call the Flock / Wings Aflame) - His special attacks will place patches of fire under you. Just keep moving as to not get popped in the air by them.
    • Lylagar - (Perfecting Your Howl / The Call of the Pack) - Simply move out of the way of his breath when he casts it.
    • Pyrachnis - (Those Bears Up There / Nature's Blessing) - Only use the Emerald provided to summon him, never to cleanse the stacking poison his attacks apply. Kill him quickly and it won't become a problem.
    • Galenges - (Between the Trees / The Power of Malorne) - After summoning him with the staff provided, a spirit of Malorne may appear and greatly weaken Galenges. All this one requires is heavy DPS so he dies before another Spirit comes.
  8. Flawless Victory - Solo kill a molten behemoth and avoid all damage. Jump before stomp and avoid black circles for the meteor. Hardest part is going to be the solo kill (considering the competition).
  9. King of the Spider-Hill - From [the Molten Front], just ride north east to reach the area marked on the map, and look for the largest of the odd mountain things. Ride around until you can trace out a path to the top (remember to account for LoS) where you can hit spider after spider, so that they web grip you up to the higher step. I found it best on the south side. Using a target-able AOE (like Rain of Fire) worked nicely to grab spiders out of LoS.
  10. Fireside Chat - When visiting various areas, click on the 'chat' button with these NPCs.
  11. Death From Above - This one requires that you open up the Druids of the Talon to get the bombing run daily. Bomb the large elementals and kill them. Sounds like this got easier after the 8/8 patch. More than one elemental appear in the zone each time.

    Note: Just got this last night... Bomb does not mean kill... I use bartender, so the macro was useless. Just fire off at each target as you fly by.. 2 days, 6 hits. Easy peasy.
    /target Ragepyre 
    /target Flashfire
    /target Heatflayer
    /target Blazefury
    /target Hatespark
    /target Singeslayer
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /run SetRaidTarget("target", 4)
  12. Ready for Raiding II - The idea is to kill an elites in the area, while not taking any damage due to their special abilities. To get the quest for this area, you need to open up both the ShadowWardens and Druids of TalonSacredDevil has a great explanation of their abilities..
  13. Legacy of Leyara - The quickest way to complete this achievement is to complete Filling the Moonwell/Nourishing Waters before Additional Armaments/Well Armed and Calling the Ancients/Aid of the Ancients, as it unlocks Into the Depths.
I love the title associated, especially considering it will come without that much RNG. Sure, I got to find certain NPCs, but at this point, I have over 400 (150+125x3)  more marks to complete. I am just about to turn in my first 150 (probably for the Druids).


  1. Regarding Fireside chat, Jarod Shadowsong requires a certain Mount Hyjal quest to be done, although I don't know exactly which one. If you can't find him after the Gates of Hell, keep doing the Mount Hyjal questline and he will eventually show up.

  2. Comments state that Jarod likes to run around. You might need to look outside to find him.

    Note, Searris killed me promptly as an i357 geared lock. Sadly my team of druids didn't keep aggro, my minion evidently took a nap and I died. Upon flying back to my body, I crossed an invisible barrier and was booted from my flying spectral gryphon. Next thing I new I was at the bottom of the hills in Ashenvale. No, I didn't run back, but took the spirit res. Ouch! No more dailies this morning...


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