IT: Breaking the rulez...

I just finished listening to a fun little audio book drama. The story which, isn't safe for the mini-van, has a strong female character, a good dose of humor and is wonderfully put together with numerous voice actors. At the end of the book, the main character states that (I shall garble it up...), if don't break the rules, those who make the rules are in control, so break the rules and be yourself.

This got me thinking... <scroll idle thoughts logo>.. (pressing a little harder on accelerator ).. I like to think of myself as an individual. I play a warlock, the loner class of WoW. What are a few rules that we can break?

  1. Spend talent points on things seldom used by a build. I play a destro lock, with points into the Jinx talent (9/1/31). Why? Cuz, I want my CoE to spread around. Mana conservation on this highly mana intensive build. Of course, when I play Destro, I am usually lower on the DPS/Damage counters than when I play demo. ?? Maybe that's a bad rule to break.
  2. Wear PVP gear while raiding. PVP gear is often easier to acquire, especially if you're into running a single BG a night. Queue times are much shorter and there's no penalty if you need to drop mid-fight. Try dropping in the middle of a dungeon run and you'll get /ignore on a lot of people's lists. If I'm looking for a new i370+ item, I'm going to be checking the Honor point vendor just as much as I am checking with the valor point vendor. It's got Resilience, so live with it!!
  3. Strike up a conversation in PUG chat. Probably the most taboo of all the rules listed out, but I like to at least throw a "hey all" out there when we start a dungeon. Then if I don't know a fight, maybe say something like "what's this guy do?".
 I know, I know, some dangerous rule breaking going on. I gotta watch out, Blizzard could catch on, and like nerf my class. What sort of rules are you breaking? Or would you want to break, but need the peer pressure??


  1. Hey Elk! Some advice for you: If you are concerned about mana conservation in Destro, try getting Mana Feed instead of Jinx. Seriously, I NEVER have to life tap using the cookie cutter 3/7/31 build (unless I'm chain casting Rain of Fire...).
    Jinx really helps in AoE situations, but it doesn't really pay out unless you are Affliction =/
    Don't even bother casting CoE if you don't have Jinx, just cast your AoE spell(s).

  2. (continuing...)
    PvP gear in raids is actually a very good idea, depending on the alternative PvE pieces you currently have access to. This is particularly true for weapons. The 359 PvP weapon is better than any blue one you can get from heroics (not sure about Zandalari weapons though...).
    Striking conversation in a PUG is even considered polite IMO. A simple hi at the start is always good to break the ice.


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