What to Wear??

I am torn. I don't know what to wear! Here I am, on the cusp of the big raid tonight, with money in my pocket and no idea what to spend it on. What do I really want to pickup??

According to Battle.net, I have an average iLevel of 354. This equates to:
  1. Eight i359 items (raiding and exalted honor) - neck, chest, back, legs, feet, waist, hands and alchemy trinket. 
  2. Four i353 items from the new Troll dungeons - head, shoulders, main hand weapon and ring 1.
  3. Five i346 items from justice points and heroic Cata dungeons - wrists, off-hand, ranged, trinket 2, and ring 2.

Looking at what Jamus'Vaz has for sale, he's got a lot of nice shiny items. (I think he really needs a rack that he pulls items from, when he sells you).
  • Tier chest, legs and hands. I have i359 alternatives of all three of these. (Note: Hands and legs drop in Baradin Hold)
  • Feet, back, rings and trinkets. I have the Uldum exalted feet and the valor back, but the rings and trinkets would be 'upgrades'. 
 According to Mr. Robot, my upgrades go like this (excluding BOE world drops, archaeology and random):
  1. Head = +9 to tier piece
  2. Chest +66 upgrade to tier piece
  3. Wrists = ZA drop, or Halfus
  4. Legs = +15 to tier
  5. Ring 2 = +11 to Band of Secret Names
  6. Trinket 1 = +42 to Soul Casket, or +121 for exalted Hellscreams
  7. Trinket 2 = +130 to Soul Casket
I am torn between the trinket and the chest piece. Replacing my Witching Hourglass, will lose me 285 Int, in return for 321 mastery, but I gain a massive, on-use spell power bonus. At least, I believe I can reforge that mastery into +hit and maybe gain back some haste from other reforges. Where as, replacing my chest with the tier chest will lose 241 mastery and add 198 haste, plus some gem flipping. Swapping the yellow for the red gem slot, would likely mean that I could get the socket bonus.

Spiderman of Azeroth?
One consolation? Tier 12, will bring about closeout prices on the Tier 11 gear. SALE SALE SALE! The rumor is Tier 11 will be bought with Justice points and Tier 12 will simply fill in to the Valor slots. This means that I shouldn't have to live with a 1 piece set bonus for that long.

Update: 4.2 posted to the PTR, so I'll confirm it tonight... has been downloaded, but none of the test realms are up.

BH resets today. Think I'll wait until we raid on Wednesday to decide.


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