Friday Check-in

I hadn't posted in awhile, mostly because I didn't have 'sufficient' content for a stand alone post. So, I thought today, I'd take a few minutes and post a few tidbits.

Random Dungeon Drop-off
I know soon after 4.1 dropped, the dungeons were once again friendly. I could queue up for a random heroic and typically land one in under 10 minutes. This was a vast improvement over the typical 30 minutes that I was getting pre-4.1 dungeons. Now about a month after release, it seems the queue times are creeping up again. Yes, I am typically trying for the double-bonus valor troll dungeons.

Is it because all the tanks have everything they want from the new bag of goodies? or people just not want to suffer the content in a pug?

Gear Upgrades
Over the last 2 weeks, OOT has managed to reliably take down Halfus. The last 2 raid days, we've even been able to also take down Magmaw. This has meant a few (one)  upgrade for me. That 346 offhand, that I mentioned last time has been replaced with the Halfus drop, Book of Binding Will. This was a nice upgrade for the JP off-hand I had been running. (The wrists evaded me again this week, "/roll = Elk: 5"). From that, I started taking a closer look at Mr Robot for my next gear upgrade option. As I run both a Destro and Demo build, and Mr Robot suggests different items for each build. Checking the Destro build, I noticed that:

If I finished the 'Optimized' stats would gain me...
  1. The Stump of Time from the TB quartermaster, rated higher than the Valor Point Soul Casket. I am ATM, about 16k rep from exalted with Hellscream's Reach (or about 8 days doing all the dailies). Much cheaper, in the long run, than the on-use Soul Casket. 
  2. The Tier 11 Shadowflame chest was rated as a +2000 point upgrade. This was my defining moment, to plop down my 2200 valor, pickup the chest piece and then gem and enchant it. 
  3. Taking Mr. Robot to heart, I ran through and reforged and (tried to) re-gem all my gear to match their optimized set. This has me now at 0.2% below hit (or 16.8%) because I cheeped out. I will revisit it again next weekend, when my AH sales come in again. 
Patch 4.2 Coming soon!
I am excited that 4.2 should be dropping rather soon. Not for Firelands. OOT is still working on 3:13 of the bosses. What it does mean is that those guild members who have higher-level toons in other guilds, won't be saved to these 13, and can fill in on those tougher bosses. For me it means:

  • With 4.2, we're getting new raid content. 
    • Old raid content will be nerfed to make it more accessible.
  • With new raid content comes along with another tier of gear. 
    • Old tier gear goes on sale for the lower currency.
 In addition, Wowhead just mentioned that they'll be bringing a bunch of new achievements. Including new pets for the 100, 125 and 150(a sparkle DRAGON!?) pet levels.

New gear from 2 new factions to get exalted with. Including the Avengers of Hyjal:
By doing dailies and then spending Mark of the World Tree:

I looks like the PTR may be updated with new content and I'll see if I can check out the vendors. I'll let you know.


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