Dangers of Late Night TV

Last night after an absolute fail of a pugged Grim Batol (yeah know the kind when the druid healer starts bickering about how the clothy lock dies first all the time, but fails to mention how he got NO heals. That added to the fact that my Warcraft build has been loading REALLY slow after a recent add-on upgrade, so I was always the last one to make it back from the wipes.) I decided to watch a little pre-recorded TV.

At 4AM, when the TiVo kicked into 'live' broadcast, I was awoke by the sounds of a jewelry store advertisement. You know one of those stores that buys your old gold jewelry and converts it to cold hard cash! Clicking off the TV, climb into bed, and then quickly falling back asleep to dreams of gold making techniques in Warcraft. Unfortunately, my dream included a loud announcer, touting the gold making technique commonly referred to as MLM or pyramid scheme. "Send me 5gold to learn my patented gold making techniques!!" still echoes in my brain. So, here are a few things that I am doing now.
  1. BOE drops. Everyone should be doing this already. Unless you need it as an upgrade, you should be trying to sell all your BOE drops.What to sell them for is the hard part. Check out addons like Auctionator or Auctioneer. 
  2. Crafted items. I have been madly working with the guild to complete the [Set Oven to Cataclysmic] guild achievement. Of note, on Malfurion, making Scalding Murglesnout is an excellent replacement to the Tea. I can spend about 1g to get 20 fish, which creates 6 dishes. The recipe creates a health+mana food with no buffs, so think of it as mage food that doesn't disappear. Anyway, these food dishes have been selling on the AH for anywhere from 1g to 30g.
  3. Flipping of your sales. Like the real estate boom of early this century, I like to buy AH items that are undervalued, then flip them. Sometimes, simply reposting that very same item, sometimes waiting until Thursday or Friday to catch the casual crowd influx. Auctioneer's SCAN + Search function to locate the deals, followed by Auctionator's POST function, which grabs competitive sales, and can under-cut existing sales based on pre-defined definitions. 
 Now, send me 5g and I'll send you an in-game letter pointing to this post. You can send this post to 5 friends and they can each pay you 5g and me 2g and so on. Eventually we'll all be Warcraft millionaires. Me, more so, but I won't gloat.



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