Addon Review: TradeSkillMaster

Always looking for something to make the process of growing gold easier, I have downloaded and started playing with TradeSkillMaster (TSM). This addon looks to be a mix of various other tools that I already use.

  1. Auctioneer/Auctionator - scans the Auction House, gathers current prices of items available. Plus, post auctions to the auction house with competitive prices and undercutting values.
  2. Postal - automate the scrapping and sending of mail to/from crafter/bank toons.
  3. Lil' Sparkys Workshop - Provides me with a list of craftable items, with the cost to make, and current AH sale price (aka Profit!).
 Being a combination of these various tools, has some advantages and some disadvantages. Advantage-wise, things work nicely together. Stuff you queue up for one bank toon, should present as a shopping list on another and then be mailed back when it's purchased for that toon (for example, bank toon purchases Alchemy materials for my main toon/alchemist using this tool, those mats will then be auto-shipped off to that toon).

Disadvantage being this tool is complex and requires a bit of tweaking. It is the 'beta' version, so that may change. I spent about an hour last night going through my two main crafting toons starting the setup of the tool and the items I wanted to build. No, I didn't read the manual. I will need to. Peeking at Zoxy's write-up, I see I didn't even start in the right direction. I'll probably work on this over the weekend.

Based on my initial review of the tool, I can be making 100g on a wrath gem, and approximately 8-10g on a few (low-level) enchants. I started picking up the materials last night, using the shopping interface against the auction house, and got summoned for my random dungeon.


  1. Very nice addon if it works after tweaking. Hopefully you post a few things that you tweaked to make it work better. I'm wondering now that 4.1 is DLing as we speak will it wipe your addon out and you have to end up waiting for an update on it? Just curious.


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