Uldum NEEDS More Dailies

At the moment, I am working towards my Exalted reputation with the Ramkahen. After finishing the quests in this zone, I was still a long way from Exalted. Picked up the Tabard and started wearing it for all my heroic dailies. Each evening that I log in, I do my 2 Ramkahen dailes before anything else. Still a full 10 days later, and I am still working on the stretch from Revered to Exalted. Ugh.

On the other hand, I finished off the Deepholm quests late last week. I've ran the dailes 3 times, and was able to pull down a massive 4500 rep. Just running dailies alone, I believe I should become Exalted about the same time as with Ramkahen.

This is why I believe those Ramkahen need more dailies. With only 2 dailies currently active, I can only get ~500 reputation each day that I run. With some of the options available in this zone, the lack of fun dailies, is not because of a lack of great quests. Personally this zone is ripe with great 'vehicle' type quests. Some of my personal favorites, include:

  • Tailgunner! -Ride along with Harrison Jones as the tail gunner in is airplane. Shoot down Schnotz attackers as they chase you.
  • Under the Choking Sands - Rescue sinking Ramkahen as they are sucked into quick sand.
  • The Defense of Nahom - Act as the 'General' of this army defending a temple with archers and grunts.
  • Gnomebliteration - Everyone's favorite, destroy 1000 infected gnomes with a giant ball of flames.
Blizzard, please add more dailes in the 4.1 patch. Please add more dailes before I reach Exalted and quit checking in.. You did some great work on these quests in Uldum, I'd love an excuse to do them again, and again and again...


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