Battle for Gilneas Overview

Today I ran my first time through the Gilneas battleground. This is a 10 man battleground new with Cataclysm that looks like something from Grizzly Hills (or I guess the Worgen starting area). It features 3 resources to control (AB style) and the first team to 2000 wins.

The easy strategy for this BG is to maintain control of 2 resources the longest. Simply send 5 people to two different locations and defend. No running around, no dashing to the third and try to control all three. Personally I liked the Lighthouse and Mine. You start on the boat (upper right of map) and run out on dock, wait for the bell then race to the flag at the mine. 5 others head over the hillside to the lighthouse.

Speaking of PVP, there's a chair bugged in the Hall of Legends. Try sitting in one of the largest throne chairs, and you'll find yourself transported to the inside of the building. Great if the city is being attacked and you're still tagged PVP.

Lastly, the Warlock PVP set looks hideous. Maybe it is just this toon's combination of Vicious and Bloodthirsty gear, but OMG, I am not liking the NEW look.


  1. I absolutely agree about the Warlock gear looking... less than attractive. I have taken to logging out in my crafted PVP set (Emberfire) just so that I look halfway decent.

    I <3 the Battle for Gilneas. It's really been a lot of fun to play, win or lose. The strategy is simple, but the execution is complex, and trying for that 3-cap is always fun.


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