Slow Week - No updates

Work has literally been eating my brain this week, ending in a project finally completing this Friday. Besides work, here's what I have learned.
  • I am still looking for a pawn scale for destro. Both "Affliction", but Nibuca has one and their's one on EJ. Maybe it's time to fire up Simcraft and build one for myself??
  • Got a shock that maybe Destro does want haste?? 
  • Mortigan is making a come back. If you missed it last time, he has a great post on raiding. Still relevant.
  • Great post on the Blizzard forums about Casual players.
    A casual player is not someone to lazy to jump on the forums/wowhead/wowpedia/youtube for boss strats.

    A casual player is not someone who has to much of a "Life" to gem/gear properly.

    A casual player is not someone who lives their life around ruining your WoW experience.
  • You can filter your Google Search results  to only posts made in the last # days. Which doesn't go to help you find anything new on the Blizz forums, EJ or WOWMB, especially when it's not there.
As with all, I learned something new, now it's time to go home. Until later.


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