Faking Gear Score

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Last night, I finished the quests in Uldum and saw that I still had a 328 average iLevel. Out of curiousity, I picked up the honored i333 cape that the Uldum Quartermaster had on sale. This cape is totally inappropriate for a warlock. Sure, it has the bonus stats of mastery and crit strike, but it's primary stat is strength. On the other hand, just purchasing this item brought my character's iLevel up 2 points (328 to 330).

This doesn't seem right. Here I could roll greed on an agility trinket, or pick up a melee cape and fake my way into a (heroic) dungeon. Stack this up on all the non-cloth mandatory items (neck, back, both trinkets and potentially 3 weapon slots) and you have a well geared player that does 0 dps. Hmm, that explains my Lost City of Tol'vir run last night. We had a hunter doing between 300 and 1100 dps!.  It wasn't even Heroic. Unfortunately this group was rather feisty, so while he wasn't kicked, we wiped then dropped group on the end boss. Some reason, the tank and myself were the last 2 people alive.

Looking forward, I am about half way to Revered with the Earthen Ring (currently championing).They have a revered cape that looks ideal. Couple more dungeon runs and I should be there... One note, the WowHead Stat weighting appears to be all wrong. The #1 "Destruction warlock" rep cloak has a healthy dose of Agility. While the last place cloak is stam and int (compare).


  1. Yeah, it's because hit rating on that scale ("show details") is rated at 100 out of 100. The Afflic one is bullshit as well since it rates Intellect below Haste (& Haste isn't even ranked that high either). !!!!!

    But...since the level dropdown where you compare the items is still level 80 at max, I think Wowhead hasn't updated their item comparison since Wrath except to put in Mastery rating, because Intellect only provided mana then, not spellpower, and we needed far less rating to softcap (so the amount of +hit on Cata gear is like WHOA to a Wrath-goer's scale).

  2. Thinking about it, Lootrank with their personal scales is probably going to be an ideal replacement, until WowHead can get their code fixed.


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