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Last night I was happy when two guildies wanted to run a random dungeon with me (tank and dps). Instead of the 38 minute queue time, we had a party in about 10 minutes. Didn't even have time to finish the Clammy Hands fishing daily. The dungeon we randomly got was Stonecore. Stonecore is fun. Stonecore is about the crowd control. Ok, crowd control and staying out of the mess on the ground.

Corobus - Here's a mage who starts off with the first trash fight, get's involved in each of the next two, then transforms into get's passed by a giant worm. (he he, mage's are truely worms?!) As a lock, my job was to glyphed fear one of the trash (then banish the elemental he converts into) while the tank worked through the others. Focus on Corobus until he moves along. The boss fight, think Anub'arak in Azjol-Nerub.

Investigate: Macro to do a fear / fear on focus / set focus to target.

The trash between Corobus and Slabhide includes those borers in Deepholm and a few large elementals. This elemental has two major abilities an aoe and summoning a crystal shard. The shard spawns from an orange glowy spot on the ground then flies through the group. It will eventually explode and do 15000 to 20000 damage. Kill the shards.

Slabhide - Basic fight is a tank and spank. Just avoid the spots on the ground. Black spots turn into crystals from the sky. Rumbles on the ground turn to pools of molten lava. Easy fight.

Trash between Slabhide and Ozruk is a mix of warriors, warlocks and a fire elemental. Tank would either have me banish the elemental or fear one of the warriors.

Ozruk - Large elemental boss. Only key element that I remember is DXE/DBM screaming out to stop casting during the Ground Slam. Otherwise, simply a tank and spank.

Final stretch. The first time I ran this, I picked up a quest to kill 101 devout followers. "Wait we better get that one way over there!?!"  We had 100 easily by the time we reached the end boss and found she's surrounded by another 3 large groups. Don't worry about the quest. It's an easy one.
High Priestess Azil - Tank and spank, but has a stage where she throws big rocks at you. Just watch out for the incoming. She shields herself and summons more followers, I could still attack her (I saw damage, it must be hurting) and then spammed my AOE and a Shadowfury on the followers. I was fairly certain I saw cultist die when they ran into the ground AOE she did. I never saw the ability Force Grip during the last two times, but maybe it was focused on someone else. In Normal she dies pretty quick. (BTW, where's the Star War's references?)

Got a green wand upgrade (off trash) on the second time through the dungeon. Then proceeded to replace it with quest rewards in Twilight Highlands.

Speaking of...

  1. Don't attempt to mount and fly over to Garrosh's zeppelin during the trip over to attack the Twilight Highlands. First the zeppelin crashes first, second it isn't possible. Yes, you can mount up, and lift off, except as soon as you get off the ground, it's all over. Try it! Oh, so fun!! (dripping with sweet sarcasm)
  2. If you die from falling off the zeppelin going to the TH, you can go back to Azshara and get back onto the zeppelin again.
  3. Rolled a 9/0/31 Destruction talent spec last night. Sure it was about 1AM local, but I wanted to spec into Jinx. Running around in TH starting area with Jinx, I did not aggro other mobs. 
  4. Food made for leveling, sells great in the Auction House. Made probably 50 gold just selling Gumbo.


  1. Fear Macro:

    /clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]
    /cast [target=focus] Fear

    s/fear/banish for my banish macro.

    WTT Fear macro for macro to get felhound to consume badstuff on me/party memeber on mouseover/mouse click (or use of clique)

    See also: Addon Control Freak. Button on screen and makes a sound when CC is about to break or is broken

    Also.. the mage is Millhouse Manastorm ("I'll light you up sweet-cheeks" from BC) and if you mark him with a raid symbol you'll see he actually gets thrown out of the way when Corobus shows up.

    If you watch the tank he gets grabbed around the face and wretched off the ground a few times during the fight. Mostly as a warlock just be aware and watch your aggro. Tank can't build threat for those ~5 seconds while he's in Force Grip.

  2. The biggest issue that we had in this instance was with the last boss. Since your tank is out of commision (aka getting choked to death & repeated face bashed into the ground) it's up to your healer & DPS to deal with the Adds. If the adds run amuck and stick to the healer, you will run into some really big issues and your healer will die.

    We tried a strat where all of our DPS & our healer would stand in the back left corner of the stage so that the adds would funnel into on location. Hopefully, if it all works correctly, the Purple hole of doom will separate your group from the adds that funnel in and have to go through that before it even hits anyone.

    Yes, you can damage her on the stage but we found that it was best to tame the adds a bit so that you don't get overrun with them :-)

    Fulguralis actually went Demonology and would pop meta when she ran to the stage to AoE the adds down a bit to a more managable level.

    Great tips btw :)

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. Thanks Nibuca, for the Macro and the clarification. (Is that a Simpson's reference?) I am usually so far back in the crowd (destro is mana hungry) that I must miss that plot point.

    Fuubar, interesting. I've noticed the adds on Azil, but in Normal they usually die pretty quickly (80 non-elites). Pugs, being pugs, it's all about the chaos. So far no deaths, on both my two runs. Running around the purple whirlpools does help.

  4. Yes, I believe it is :)

    WRT Force Grip: I didn't notice it until I researched the fight for my cheatsheet. Last night when I ran it again (after writing the cheatsheet) I had an "Oh, that's what they're talking about" moment.

    It reminded me of the Black Knight fight in TotC-5 where he grips the announcer up into the air (and the announcer kicks his feet and grabs at his throat) and then kills the announcer and flings him across the room.

    For YEARS (or at least for the last two years) I've said that Millhouse should come back as a raid boss. Ie, In BC we go into a Na'aru prison, Arcatraz, and locked up with all of the very worst criminals the Na'aru had ever found we find this "lowly gnome" and we just blithely let him out. We have NO idea why the Na'aru had him locked up.. and then he runs off to do who know what. I totally wanted to find out he was a big baddie in a future instance. Finding out he's a lackie for the Twiligh Cult was a bit underwhelming.

    Initially I thought he had transformed himself into that big worm. Imagine my disappointment when I noticed that he just got tossed aside. I hope that means he will resurface later. Here's keeping up hope.

  5. In regards to the Force Grip on the tank...

    Let me tell you from personal experience... IT SUCKS! When you're in the Grip, you can't do anything except want to choke her back! Usually after the second round of choking, I would throw down a Consecrate to ralley up the Adds while I'm out of commision.

    But yes, I would definately be aware that the tank no longer has any way to cause threat to the boss so she'll run amuck too if you don't watch yourself.

    Note to all DPS/healers: It is vital to watch your threat here or you'll be the one having Tom Brady choke a Bitch ;-)


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