Plants vs Zombies Mini Game - Broken?

Edit: My newest pet!

I pointed out during the beta, the singing sunflower pet. You load him her up and she sings a little melody (sort of like the Troll Senjin fetish); voiced by Laura Sigihara from the theme song/commercial.

view of old dal crater

Brazie the Botanist
To get this pet, you need to beat 4 different waves of zombies (i.e. scourge) then the boss. Each new series of beasties, brings a new plant.

Phase 1

  1. Collect sunshine pellets (+5 sunshine) by right clicking on them.
  2. Plant sun spitters (20 sunshine - dps)
Phase 2
  1. Plant sunflowers (10 sunshine - generates more solar power) and collect sunshine pellets
  2. Plant sun spitters
  3. Pickup icey plants (20 sunshine - slow)
Phase 3
  • Phase 2, but now you get 'rocknut' (15 sunshine mini tank). Will aggro zombies around it and they'll attack it down. You can put these behind zombies and they'll turn around to attack it. 
  • You pickup a strangle vine (30 sunshine). It will attack a single zombie until dead by swinging it around. 
Phase 4
  • Add exploding pumpkins (40 sunshine) - aoe damage that kills most enemies. Get zombies, through aboms. Necessary on final push of this phase.
    A winning configuration.
  • Here's where it broke on me. ? ticket submitted. Tired, I logged out. Edit: GM responded. Same as comments, too bad, please try it again.
Phase 5
  • Edit: Easy. Once I got a good base down, I was able to beat the boss on the first pass.
    • New Sunflower as soon as on cool down.
    • Drop only a DPS when you have 3 sunflowers in place. I placed it in the row with 2 zombies by now.
    • Keep adding sunflower, dps and maybe rocknut until you fill 2 rows of sunflowers. 
    • In front of DPS, place frost flowers. The slow, but don't do DPS.
    • In front of the frost wave, I put totems, and lashers. When one was eaten through, I'd repopulate. 
    • Replace back 4 rows only when boss tossed them down.
  • Boss has a few abilities. 
    • Boss kills your plants by throwing stuff at them - replant.
    • Boss drops totems that spawn more undead. 
    • Boss has a poison gas, don't know really what it did. 

There's a great guide that has quite a bit more screen shots and details over at "Blessing of the Grove".  I haven't seen anyone on the server with this pet yet. Guidlies claim they have, but not sure when they got it. Maybe before last patch?


  1. First, its a she :)

    Second, this happen to my wife. Exit the vehicle, abandon quest and start over.

    I know its a pain, but it is still working. I have her on 2 of my toons and my wife on 1.

    Good luck :)

  2. Well, try again tonight. It was a bit discouraging last night to play for a bit over an hour and have my brains eaten twice by those darn obominations then to finally pumpkin them and win, but not.

    To my defense, I did write this at 2am, but I knew it(see youtube embedded). She's also the voice for the pet.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the link!

    I had a few things bug out while I played through it as well. I had phantom zombies eat my brains in the middle of a quest, I assumed that it was leftover from the attempt that I had just abandoned and finally ran its course even though I was in a different phase. The zombies stopped spawning for me as well on occasion and as manorton said you can exit the vehicle and attempt the quest again. Overall the quest is pretty buggy, and unless they have bigger plans for it I doubt it will be fixed any time soon.


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