Zalazane's Fall Walk-thru

Today, the Trolls have reclaimed their islands. This short little quest chain starts with a message in my mailbox and ends with me looking like a troll and rolling over Zalazane. It was a fun quest chain, but not an AQ sort of epic. I was really really looking forward to something that would take potentially weeks to complete. Do my little part and then with some big boss fight at the end.

If you haven't already completed the quests, here's the basic run down. Reading the wowhead comments, I see people as low as 51 completing this quest chain, so, make sure to enjoy with all your alts. Read more to reveal quest chain spoilers.

  •  Run to Senjin village. Grab quest from Vanira. Gather 5 frogs from around village. Rather easy, there was a bunch around the pond behind quest giver. You can be mounted for this. Attune frogs by clicking on them while standing by quest giver.

  • Frogs Away! After you attune the frogs, now you get an endless bag of frogs, to throw at signal flares. Grab a bat from Handler Marnlek. It casts like Rain of Fire, with aiming reticle. I found that by putting the bag on a button, I could use and aim without much effort. There was no concern, as you fly around every single island, you should have plenty of opportunities to hit a mark.

  • Now, chat with Champion Uru'zin. (Argent tourney?). He'll have you go recruit Troll Citizens. Mount up, run to Razor hill See bat handler and fly to Razor Hill, and recruit away. Like Easter bunnies, they're all over. Mount up, they'll all fall along behind you. 

  •  Now Vanira wants you to recruit a tiger. You get transformed into a shadow tiger and go into a fight. Warrior-ish, you have energy and 3 actions. I just spammed 1 and 2.

  • Now, you have been approved for take-off. Grab a bat, and you'll fly to the staging area. There you sit and wait, until the previous group has completed the tour, er, fight. 

  • Turn in your quest to Vol'jin. Get your Darkspear Pride. I used this immediately, if not for anything other than to look like a troll. Not sure if it matters, but at one point during the fight, I had 68k health and two buffs. Boon of Loa - stronger attacks and more energized and Elemental Blessing - water walking, increased health and increased health regen.
  • Follow Vol'jin on a few stops. Pickup some tiki's to help you along.  Think monsterous fetish, they help in AoE fest when some trolls become enraged and grow. After some more AoE on Zalazane, you'll be done.

As one guildie commented, it was about as epic as the reclaiming Lordaeron for the undead. 
Thrall, Sylvanas and Elk reclaim UC.

You have these wondrous buffs, with virtually no chance of dying, a huge group so you can basically stomp anything you come across. When you're done, you got a new trinket for your bags, a cloak, which maybe an overcloak? and a new achievement, which doesn't give you any points, cuz it's a Feat of Strength. Maybe save this series for when Cataclysm does drop? (Net you 21k xp just for turning in the last quest.) On the other hand it does say "for a limited time only".


    1. I have a feeling that there is more to it that this. I did the alliance version for Gnomer & it just seemed like we needed more reinforcements (aka more phasing) to really dig into it. If this was it, I'm kinda disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the quests were a ton of fun doing them. Don't you think that it should take us more than an hour to take over a whole city?


    2. Fuu, that is it. Maybe, we help build up that starting area? Maybe, we build those reinforcements? The beta is going well, but can we really have completed this epic "retake our lands" quest chain that quickly


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