Elk's Least Favorite Dungeons

Saresa recently posted a blog detailing her favorite 5-man instances. Instances that clicked for her on one level or another. Unfortunately, one of her fav's is one of my least favorites. That's why I'd throw out this.

Elk's Least Favorite Dungeons.

5. Scarlet Monastery - This was probably my first at-level dungeon. Um, maybe, Elk was dragged through several as he was growing up. What I do remember about this is, lots of scare-dee-cat humans. They always run around and aggro all their friends. Now on my level appropriate healer, I am stuck. I don't want to queue up for another dungeon, just to wipe on that first room, yet again. From SM:Graveyard to the graveyard in 3 minutes.

4. Gundrak  - Snakes. It only happened once, but doesn't take much more. My first time running this dungeon, we pugged one additional DPS spot. Yes, I was a noob, yes, I was in ilevel 200 gear, much in need of an upgrade. (TG for RDF!) The pugged DPS (a druid, IIRC), didn't like that I was there. Then when I didn't get out of LOS of that first boss and died to a poison nova, he told the tank, also a friend and guildie, that I should be kicked. To make matters worse, I COULDN'T find the entrance as a ghost. I believe I ran around for 10 minutes looking. This incident, has always left a sour taste in my mouth. (One of the sparks that started this blog actually) Now it takes all of 8 minutes to complete, but still.

3. Azjol-Nerub - Spiders. I hate spiders. These spiders have a dreadfully low aggro table. Or do they even have one? I dunno. Clearing the trash on that first boss, I have more than once grabbed aggro and wiped. Luckily now with my PVP set, if I know it's gonna happen, I can throw on this gear and have 35k health.

2. Razorfen Kraul  - Nothing puts your ego more in check, than having to call for help. For help, when you are in a entry level dungeon. Soloing it. And you are a level 80 warlock. Hey!, I got lost. I had accidentally fallen off the main ridge of this dungeon and couldn't find a way to get back up.

1. COT: Black Morass - My, oh, my, I hated this 5-man. Back in BC, I was working on becoming a Master of Elixirs. The one thing you had to get were these 10xEssences. They'd drop off the (every 3rd fight) mini-bosses, randomly, with a terribly low drop rate (Wowhead says 7%). I would get any where from 0 to maybe, 3 essence for each run of BM. If my repressed memories serve correctly, we ran this dungeon close to 12 times, just for these darn Essence of Infinity.

So, there you have it.

Dreadful Dungeons!

Also, take a sec and vote in Saresa's poll.


  1. I can't believe you hate BM! /sadpanda. I have to agree with you with some of the other instances though, even if they aren't for the same reasons. RFK... *sigh* what an abysmal place. I'm one of the few people who don't much like SM either.

    Great post!

  2. It's fascinating how you manages to hit every one of my favorite instances ^^ Except BM maybe, but you hardly ever do that one anymore. I'm really happy every time I get SM, Gundrak, AN or RFK because they're easy and fast to run through. Such a difference in experiences!

    The Skirmishers on the first boss in AN actually have a random aggro table. They choose one target at random, charge to it and frenzy in their face, untauntable. This usually requires a stun or a good healer.

    And you were pretty unlucky on the essences, I've done that quest twice and "only" had to BM about three times each time.

    My list would probably be (in no particular order);
    - UBRS
    - LBRS
    - BRD
    - Oculus (!!)
    - PoS (Always get really douchy groups in this one)

  3. @Sar, Thanks! Community is inspiration for posting.

    @Zinn, Now while Occ isn't on my fav's list, I do love the idea of the new loot table including a blue drake. PoS I've got decent groups, it's running BFD on my priest, that I always got a lousy groups. Still have that quest in my log for it, but it doesn't show on the RDF any longer.


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