PVP Status Update - Destro Build

2 days ago, I respec'd my PVP build from a deep affliction build, into a fairly popular destro build. This new build relies heavily on the stun, burst damage, and armor penetration and less on dots, fears and health mitigation. So far, I have ran 5 different battlegrounds and have noticed a bit more survivability. Why? Basically stuns can't be resisted.

 As I run (middle mouse button) up to a skirmish at a flag, I arm my Shadowfury(1) and target the reticle over the opposing forces. As soon as it turns green, I blast them! I target the one closest the flag, and fire off a chaos bolt (shift+wheel down). Next a quick run down of the fire spells Immolate(2), Conflagrate(3), maybe Corruption(4). If they are still alive, I have Shadowburn(7) or can cast Chaos Bolt again if they're far enough away. (BTW, 5 is incinerate and 6 is always life tap). If need be, I can still spam fear or howl of terror on my attackers.

Haven't had a chance to try this build yet in the arena. Hopefully this coming Monday, I'll get with my team again to test drive it. I did get a pleasant surprise receiving 260 arena points (the consolation prize) for our 10 attempts (3 wins). I am now only 75 points away from the Relentless Gladiator Cowl. Just need 3 more BG wins, or arena again this week.

I need more practice going back to Destruction though. Reviewing my talent tree, I can already see I am missing my proc on Backdraft. Gotta watch my power-auras... Wasn't it, Immolate, Conflag, Inc, Inc, CB? If only 9PM would roll around again, so I can get more practice in before Monday. So far, my bursty damage is bringing me into the 10k damage (per BG), up from the 3k I was doing last week.


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