PVP = Addon Proving ground

For the last two weeks, I've been fighting with my ISP, to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Seems that when ever I was putting on a high-bandwidth situation, say dialing in for work, or in the middle of a 25-man fight my DSL would drop. Considering the age of my house, I didn't think it was line-noise (CAT-5e to my desk), didn't think it was my ISP, I blamed it on rats. I just new it was rats climbing into my telco box and gnawed their way into my DSL connection. When the DSL signal through the wires increased, it caused an extra special tingly sensation the rats loved enjoyed. Come to find out my ISP, after 2 house calls and 3 new pieces of hardware said, oh yeah, it's that alarm system with the unfiltered connection causing echos.

Yes, I was but wasn't happy it was all green.
So here I am, back playing again, nice fat connection (& dsl filter on my alarm), strand of ancients is yet again in trouble and blam-oh, my WoW crashes,  I just KNOW it's the DSL again. Has to be! Give me back my house call fee NOW! I look and I check, nope DSL is SOLID. No errors at all. OK, this happened before. Raiding, 25-man ICC, Putricide. OMG, I am running all my fat auction house addons, again. Addon Control Panel ftw. I swap to my 'raiding' addon build, which only includes fighting and gearscore addons (i.e. pawn, ratingsbuster). Load up again, Strand is over and we lost.

Requeue and guess what?, no dcing and in fact, your favorite little warlock tops the charts (well at least in honorable kills). That's gotta be an achievement.

Riding the destroyers ftw!


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