PVP Update

As of late, I have all but quit running 5-man heroics. I still run my mandatory one dungeon a day, but when that's done no looking back. I have currently over 200 Triumph badges and nothing really pressing to spend them on. Raiding is still a future plan, but not really pressing to get anything going in guild. When I do start thinking about it, it only saddens me that I am missing out on all those Frost emblems.

The UI:
  1. I have moved Drain Life from the end of the keyboard to 7. This has taken a bit of muscle memory to retrain my fingers, but is paying off.  First off, I live longer. Second, I am able to kill my target as I heal myself! What's not to love about that?
  2. Fear = Wheel Down - Now I flip through a crowd by going wheel down, , wheel down.. Ah yes, fear spamming.. No response, hit the same target twice to consume the fear ward.
  3. Melee attack response: Howl of Terror = Alt+Wheel Down, Death Coil = Wheel up, ShadowFlame = Shift+Wheel Up. Each of these have a cooldown, so I typically spam through them all just to see which hits. If all else fails, drain life. 
  4. Not really UI, but I've taken to Kripparrian's "How to DPS" video, I've been madly spamming my top 3 spells, especially Shadow Bolt.
Hmm, looking at my mouse-wheel bindings, maybe I should consider putting Drain Life at Alt+Wheel Up?? Tonight.

Glyphs: I am currently running with:
  • Howl of Terror - quicker CD on spell. Still seems too long, but it does help when needed. Just got to be careful not to call it up.
  • Soul Link - more survivability
  • Corruption - more damage, may consider dropping this one, but it is nice to get free shadow bolts on a instant cast dot.
  • Curse of Exhaustion - increase the range on spell, nice because it often will trigger before all other spells.

Caster Rotation:
  1. Curse of Exhaustion - slowdown on target and at a greater distance. 
  2. Corruption - try to get nightfall proc
  3. Fear - get them running away
  4. Unstable Affliction or Haunt  - hurt the healers and heal myself more
  5. Drain Life - start taking what I deserve.
Melee Rotation:
  1. Howl of Terror or Death Coil - get away from me
  2. Fear - Keep away from me
  3. Start Caster rotation
 So far, I am finding my damage per BG and my heroic kills going up. On longer battlegrounds, I have seen as many as 50 hk and 100,000 - 200,000 damage. On an Eye of the Storm, I was the #1 damage dealing horde (but we still lost).


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