Strand of Ancients Holiday!

Last night, testing out my new PVP gear, I participated in the SOA holiday to earn double honor. If you haven't tried this battleground out, here's what I understand of it:
  1. The battlegrounds consists of a fortress and a harbor. Two boats arrive at the harbor with the opposing faction. When they leave the boats, they can mount wintergrasp style demolition vehicles and/or pick up seaforium bombs. Your team can either mount artillery guns or run to front. 
  2. The goal is to take the rune beyond the 3rd wall.(hmm, sounds like a mini-wintergrasp, except)
  3. You start with a count up timer. I believe the attacking team gets 10 minutes to successfully capture the rune. If they do, you flip sides, and then have that long to take the rune back. 
Last night, during my last attempt (it was 12am local), the alliance took 9m 20sec to capture the rune. That gave us a ton of time to do better.I believe our final time was around the 5 minute mark, as I didn't get the 4 minute achievement.

Defense strategy:
  • Grab a harbor canon and shoot as many that get close. This didn't appear to be effective against the vehicles, as they kept coming and could quickly knock down the walls.
  • Once they breach the first wall, jump off the canon and start fearing and death coil to interrupt.
  • The vehicle buildings spawn health refilling stations (treasure box with a leaf floating above it), so use as needed. May also want to grab before the enemy does. I have seen vehicles appear in these buildings also, but I guess they are on a respawn cycle.
  • At death, typically the graveyard I respawn at is right in the middle of the fighting, so be ready to find the

Attack strategy:
  • Put on Demon Armor for +stam bonus. More health = live longer. Fel puppy or succy. Have to thank the succy, as she loves to seduce the rogues when they start attacking me! Not for long (until they take damage), but any bit helps.
  • Grab a seaforium bomb, then jump on the first vehicle heading out. As a dps caster, I can curse + immolate as we drive by. I was having fun casting fear on those that tried to attack us from behind.
  • At death, grab a vehicle, and continue up hill, best to get as far as possible up the hill. Firing into the canons from distance, then focus on the gate as I get closer. Broke through 2 gates before they finally took me down. 
  • If I lost vehicle, start CCing the crowd. Fear/Death Coil/curse and on.. if I can get off a conflagerate all the better to stun them..

What I need to work on.
  • Key binding my instant cast spells. I'd love to have Shadow flame,death coil and fear on a big fat button. Or maybe I'll put it on my scroll wheel. Right now I have to clicky on a button for all three.
    • Trying to find a way to have Bartender4 show a 'pvp' only bar. 
    • As of 10/2008 no macro code exists to show when in battleground. 
    • Maybe marked PVP
  • Purchase 4th piece of PVP set. I am looking into getting the PVP helm (Furious or Relentless). I can purchase the Furious for honor points after a few more WG runs! The Relentless is going to use either Arena points (which I don't have) or Frost emblems (which I don't want to spend). Since I have 3 Furious pieces, it makes sense to go the 'cheaper', Furious route.
  • Play more PVP. Practice should help me to remember to use my insignia and setup teleport.


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