Shared Topic: Starting Over

Reading through my various blogs that I frequent, I happen upon the Shared Topic concept a few times. Intrigued by this idea, I thought I'd participate this time.

The idea that Pieces proposes:
If you had the chance to start all over again in WoW, but your char is already level 80, or level 1 depending on if you like to level or not :>. What class would you pick? What race? What faction?
Why would you pick that class/race/faction?

And most of all what would you plan to do with it? Raid, PvP or just hang out in Dalaran?

Class/Race/Faction -
  • Class - Considering I've really enjoyed PVP as of late, I'd like to play a more durable character, but at the same time, the variety of a warlock is fun.
  • Faction: Horde - I have always loved the misfit feel of the horde.The Alliance has always seemed goody-two-shoes to me; maybe it is just stereotyping from my friends.
  • Race: Undead - There's something about this race that is intriguing. It's the unfortunate, plagued humans that the humans just wanted to destroy not fix, sort of the orphaned step-child of all Azeroth.
Where would I start over?
Like the Death Knight class, I'd love to start over again at 55. I personally did not like the grind up from 0 to 55. The quests are long at tedious. Running around all over the Barrens was painful. I've heard that it is quite a bit quicker, but Blizzard still has BOA and "recruit-a-friend" leveling (+xp) bonuses out there. It can't be THAT great.

Now to test my most eggcellent skills at RP. 

Waking up in the dark is disturbing. Waking up and your in a box is absolutely terrifying. The last thing I remember was fighting some bone-dragon in Icecrown. My group was succeeding to injure this dragon, but not enough to kill it. Suddenly a large plume of green gases exploded nearby and I was in pain, excruciating pain.

Now I am in a box. All my gear, presumably has been stolen. I lay here in my skivvies, no armor, no weapons.

Tired, sore, aching all over, I kick and tear my way out, only to have red dirt poured on my wounds. Climbing out my hole, I find a nearby stream to wash off in. Looks like I am in Nagrand. I stand up, weaker than I was before. Looking around, I see that I am right outside of Garadar. Shuffling into town, the locals stare at me as if I am a ghost. For this neighborhood, it should not be surprising, but they continue to stare at me.

Approaching the center of town, I find the inn. A small crowd has developed on the road before me. I am forced to struggle to even walk further. They just stare at me. Frustration builds as I have shove more and more people to move along. I just want to eat and sleep. The tips of my fingers start to tingle with long forgotten power. The anger fuels the power and I start reveling in it. Elbowing a young male orc, I punch his companion until an all out brawl has started. It is then I HOWL. I giggle as they all run. The old routines return as the spells start coming back to me. Unfortunately, I quickly realize that without my gear and in my weakened state, I don't have the stamina to last long. When the group breaks from their running, they quickly drop me to the ground.

When I awake, I am in a bed, wrapped in bandages. A wizened priest looks over at me, smiling, he tells me to rest. I feign sleep as he walks away. I am hungry. Looking for food, I find a plate next to me, but don't have a taste for it, boar is such a bore and fish fails. It's then that I spy a dead mage in the corner and start to drool. This also scares me, but my hunger is too great. I pull off the caster's arm and start to chew.

After I finished eating, I felt much stronger. I borrowed the dead mage's clothes and could sense my powers returning. I had forgotten much while buried in the ground, but I could remember those old trainers and were they lived. I'd start over, this time with revenge as my motivator. I would find the beasts who stole my gear, kill them, then, heck, eat their hearts.


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