Interesting - Random Dungeon Finder Pool

The dungeon finder tool, takes advantage of the already existing battlegroup (aka closely related server farms). For kicks, I clicked on my battle group on the WowArmory and found a blue post by Nethaera.

The following realms are all a part of the Shadowburn Battlegroup (List subject to change):

Agamaggan- PvP
Azshara- PvP
Baelgun- Normal
Dark Iron- PvP
Detheroc- PvP
Emerald Dream- RP-PvP
Greymane- Normal
Kalecgos- PvP
Lightninghoof- RP-PvP
Maelstrom- RP-PvP
Malfurion- Normal
Moonrunner- Normal
Nazjatar- PvP
Sargeras- PvP
Staghelm- Normal
Twisting Nether- RP-PvP
Ursin- PvP
Wildhammer- PvP
 I find it interesting that most my heroic dungeons are run with PVP players. Of 18 realms, 5 are NOT PVP (including mine Malfurion). This puts a bit of a different light on the 5-man groups that I have joined. Now I am going to pay a bit more attention though.

Have you noticed any consistencies with your groupings? My 5mans are typically:
  • Healer = Shaman
  • Tank = Pally or DK
  • DPS = Me (warlock)
  • DPS2 = Mage
  • DPS3 = Another Pally or DK.
Is this due to server make 1/5 Normal to PVP ratio, Blizzard maths or simply server population. Are most healers rolling shammys?


  1. on Ruins Battlegroup, we have TRILLIONS of Heally trees. I'm not sure why that is but they are EVERYWHERE!

    A druid tree falls in the woods, would you hear it?

    We would on our Battlegroup... we wouldn't have any healers ;)


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