Burning a hole in my pocket

Last week, my playing on the auction house had netted me a little over 14,000 gold. Yipee! Gem sales are paying off nicely for me. Last night I got a 5x proc on the Cardinal Ruby, and they are selling for 180g on my server, so I am hoping for some nice income this week. Not bad from farmed eternals and a drop off Occulus "bag".

Either way, the mechano-hog is dominating my thoughts. Yes, I want my warlock to have a hog. Looking at the mats required for creating one, I am looking at immediately 12,500g out of pocket just for the basics, then it will require 12 titansteel bars (or 36 titanium bars and 12x3 eternals).

Luckily I have 2 engineers in guild that have the pattern and it looks like titansteel no longer has a cool-down. I am going to have to spend a few days in Wintergrasp farming eternals so that I can have them.

Hmm, per a comment on the hog parts vendor, they can be farmed from Ulduar bosses. Can hope that the weekly raid is Ulduar this week.. :)  (with a less than reasonable drop rate)

Recipe for  Mechano-hog x 1

     Titansteel Bar x 12
         Titanium Bar x 36
          - created
         Eternal Fire x 12
          - created
          - drop
         Eternal Earth x 12
          - created
          - drop
         Eternal Shadow x 12
          - created
          - drop
     Handful of Cobalt Bolts x 40
         Cobalt Bar x 80
             Cobalt Ore x 80
              - drop
     Arctic Fur x 2
      - drop
      - vendor ( 24 g)
     Salvaged Iron Golem Parts x 1
      - vendor ( 3000 g)
     Goblin-machined Piston x 8
      - vendor ( 8000 g)
     Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe x 1
      - vendor ( 1500 g)
On the other hand, maybe I should take advantage of my Kirin'tor rep and just get the 3-man mammoth mount??. It's only 16k for the mount and has vendors!! Great for repairs while out questing (soon to happen again in Cataclysm). After pricing out all the mats I would probably have to buy, it will probably cost about the same.


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