Considering an change to my alchemy mastery spec.

As of patch 3.3, the Transmute mastery has started looking very tempting. I went with Elixir's master, cuz I wanted to proc on those all so demanding flasks, but since the addition of Flask of the North and high cost of farming/buying Frost Lotus, I have been usually running with it.

With the patch, gems have been selling like hot-cakes again. Everyone is re-gemming their new gear with epic gems (on my server, I am getting 170g for 40g in mats selling Majestic Zircon). Xmute would generate 2 gems for each single set of mats. So, double my profits on each gem!

Also, the xmute mastery has removed the cooldown on transmuting titanium bars. I could quickly purchase a bunch of saronite and have my mechano-hog in no time.


  1. I changed. Painful incident. The Elixir trainer is in Lower City. The Transmute trainer is way up in Netherstorm. I flew up to Netherstorm first, then realized I couldn't untrain with him. Flew all the way back (taxi = 4:38 each way).

    To date, I've done 3 gem transmutes with 0 procs. 1 each time.


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