Ulduar: Flame Leviathan = Fun!

OK, so for my first time ever into Ulduar, I only saw one boss, but this was a fun fight. I rode along with a guidlie as the gunner on Flame Leviathan. For those that have never run Uludar, this is an all vehicle battle.

  • you start in the vehicles and die when you get out (at least during the storms of Thorims Hammer)
  • you have helicopters and ground troops trying to take you out
  • you have 2 different shot mechanisms plus a shield (on the siege engine)
  • like OS, you can choose your difficulty and rewards by how many towers you leave up. We tried several times with 2 towers up, and decided to take down the Tower of Flames.

As the gunner, I had 3 roles.

  1. Shoot down towers and helicopters during initial siege.
  2. Shoot down pyrite deliveries. Think they are siege engine fuel.
  3. Shields up when targeted by FL. DPS like crazy when not targeted.

Overall, we wiped approximately 6 times on this partially noob-equipped fight. It was a lot of fun once I figured out how to find my driver's tank. Getting on Vent would have probably saved some of that headache. When it was all said and done, a runed orb and 3 non-warlock (plate & mail) items dropped. Now that the instance should have reset today (patch day!), I can look into doing this again! I was once in a PUG that was looking to do a late night FL run. They said they knew of a way to 8-man the 25-man version of this fight. I think if they took out all the towers, it might actually be possible.


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