With a patch dropping in the middle of Brewfest this year... wait, one dropped last year and we got achievements.. anyway, this year, Brewfest has been well, blah.

Ok, sure, my first run through a series of Coren Direbrew kills, I did get the Mithril Pocketwatch. Procs with a "Now is the time.." buff seemingly once every fight! This has all the same settings as the Sundial of the Exiled, which is really hard to get now that bosses don't drop Heroism badges. Followed by a mount drop, which I lost. Blah. My second run was rather depressing, I had the same Egg dropped 5 times, one for each team member. This was also the time that I learned the Coren quest was not repeatable. No 40 extra tokens for me, guess I'll have to earn them the hard way, dailies.Blah. Got back to Orgrimmar to find the Direbrew dwarves attacking and that none of the steins were hitting. Blah!

With that said, I have 190 of the 300 brewfest tokens necessary for the Brewmaster achievement. I am planning on returning both the chest (200) and feet(100) and use them to buy the Brew of the Month Club(200) membership and the Pink Elek pet(100). Already own the festive hat, no returning that.. 4-5 more days of Brewfest (of the 8 left) and I'll have everything done! Woot!


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