Rare, Seldom-used, Warlock Minions

As I've mentioned when I raid, I mostly have my imp out. There are a few places that I like to run my other minions, the voidwalker has a nice health shield, the puppy is a caster hater, and the succy is great against melee classes in pvp.

Reading the following forum, I was reminded of two pets I never use.
  1. Doomguard - spawns when a npc dies from the Curse of Doom, it spawns this beast. I've seen it happens twice now in all the boss fights I've fought and when he spawned I missed it and he started whacking on our healer. The second time I was able to enslave him and he was under my control for 1 entire minute. Considering I typically use CoD starting boss fights, he's only good for trash mob cleanup.
  2. Infernal - use an infernal stone and spawns this monster. This one used to only be valid outside since it's spawned via meteor.

I am wondering when WOULD be a good time to use these pets. Both look like they'd do some decent damage. The Infernal looks to die after 1 minute, where the doomguard needs to be enslaved. I think I might go try some of the Argent Tourney dailies and spawn the Infernal in addition to the AOE.

Update: I found 2 uses for the Infernal. When farming the 15 Converted Heroes for the argent tourney and the last 2 phases of the Black Knight. The AOE impact aggro's all the mobs and he lives just long enough to complete these.


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