Trial of Champions FTW

Last night, I ran TOC 3 times. First as the Heroic Daily (from a few nights ago), then twice on 'regular' mode. During these three runs, I managed to get 3 nice upgrades.

  1. Spectral Kris <- Greiving Spellblade. I am really excited about this. It has a really nice look and has a pawn score +100 over the spellblade. Just wish it wasn't a blue gem, I guess my green epic works. Also guess it's good because it will keep my meta gem activated.

  2. Handwraps of Surrendered Hope <- Hateful Gladiator's Felweave Handguards - Nice upgrade, has red gem, so epic spell power here.

  3. Mantle of Inconsolable Fear <- Runecaster's Mantle

The mantle is the scariest that I have seen. They are enormous, I now look like I am wearing linebacker shoulder pads. They are glowy with bright blue ribbons and little shiny grommets. Not sure this is a good image for an agent of shadow and fear.

I am fairly positive that a cloth item will drop each time the Black Knight is killed. Of the 4 runs, I've won 4 drops. (That's 100%!) Bringing my Wow Heroes score to 1925 (up from 1850). I plan on spamming my guild tonight and getting the enchants ASAP (+45 to score).

Update: Nope, not 100% drop rate on cloth items in TOC. Ran Heroic TOC for the daily last night and absolutely no Warlock friendly drops dropped.


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