Warlock Q&A - new minion models?

I was just reading through the Warlock Q&A posted on the World of Warcraft forums, when the last question sparked an idea.

Q. Are there any plans to allow warlocks to slightly customize or change the appearance of their pets?
A.This is something we are discussing. There are several voidwalker and imp models we could use pretty easily and it might be nice to add more felhounds and succubi. This isn't a high priority, but something we would like to eventually get around to improving. We are discussing whether this is simply just random variation (like the names) or whether it becomes an even bigger feature.

So, the first thing I see happening is each warlock blowing ~20 shards to see all the random models; maybe they can make an achievement out of it! Then once we get used to it, warlocks wanting to summon the 'pink' felhound, may spend another 3-4 shards until the correct minion arrives.


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