IT: Ready Player One (may include spoilers from book)

I mentioned the book Ready Player One in my Liebster award. Now that the movie is only about a month away from release, I've had my son (11yo) start reading the book for his English class. He's having a bit of a disconnect with all of the 80's references in the movie, so I thought I'd help him 'a little' by looking up some of the video games. Using this wiki page as a reference and a few emulator sites, you too can be Parzival, Aech or Art3mis.

Adventure: (EO) Game referenced because of the 'easter egg' that the author put in the game.

Joust: (EO) Game for copper key.
Dungeons of Daggorath: Gateway game. Found a nice community site here. Also a Windows 10 Microsoft port of the game.

PacMan: (EO) Parzival plays a perfect game.

Zork: (Archive.Org) Turned into a 3D world that users must collect all the trophies..
Black Tiger (aka Black Dragon): (Game Oldies): Gateway game.

Tempest  (EO): Final Key quest.

Update: Saw the movie last week with my son, none of these are referenced in the movie.. How funny.


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