Not Excited About BfA Allied Races.

I am really not excited about Allied Races. Think about it. Most players play WoW in third person. From this angle, I can see the top of my character's head, their back (or cape), pants and maybe shoes. Why would I care about their face, eyes, or really what color their skin is? The view from the armory is the only time I really see the frontal view of my character.

Typical view of character

When looking at my character, it's about the animations; the movement fluidity, the run gate, how cool the jump is, and fighting animations. If you can't deal with looking at the backside of your character, there's no point.

I guess, ElPlato could have yellow contacts? 
So, when I look at the planned allied races, I am not excited. Here we have (yet another) cosmetic model of 6 different in-game classes. Quick skim of the models, and I see mostly eye colors and skin color differences for existing models. Something I see zero of when in my armor set and actually playing.

I guess, if I was more into the lore behind each race, I'd be more excited, but overall I am not. I could care less if my dwarf is a Dark Iron or Wildhammer.

??? Dwarf
What does sound exciting?? More transmogrification or character options.

Garrosh is seen here sporting chest and arm tattoos from this publicity shot taken for Warlords of Draenor poster.. My demon hunter was able to select both the style and color of her/his tattoos  Now that we can choose options for 'hidden ___' for every piece of armor, I think it's a great idea to give more body modifications. Tattoos, scars, or other battle wounds. I'd even consider the option to make it permanent. [There's no going back from this. OK - Cancel]

Hat Hair
I modeled my priest after my oldest daughter. She has long red hair. When people with long hair wear hats, typically their hair does not magically disappear. I'd like for my female priest, to actually maintain her low pony when she is wearing a hat and not magically revert to a boy-cut. As you can see, the hair is easily visible from the back, and it sort of ruins the whole character build process. If she wanted to wear a bob-cut, she'd visit the barber..

What I expect
What I get
Variety Brawler options
I understand the desire in game to keep the weapon options, weapon-ish. (What if we think we're REALLY our characters and start fighting RL with non-sword objects??) There is no way you can xmog that lovely wooden plank model over your existing artifact weapon. BUT THERE SHOULD BE?! When I go into an arena, I'd like my weapon to be a spiked wooden plank, broken bottle or even a giant fish! I don't want to be fighting 'clean'. Maybe these should be brawler's guild rewards. Encourage more people to play this portion of the game. (Note, it appears that the wooden plank is available here and I think I've completed this quest already on at least one toon.)

(one handed mace) Spiked wooden plank


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