Mythic Seat of Triumvirate - Tank POV

Patch 7.3 -week three opened up the newest 5-man dungeon, The Seat of the Triumvirate. This dungeon is the end of a touching storyline involving Velen and his two brothers.

The dungeon is a 4 boss dungeon. A guildie and I pugged it on Mythic+0 with no looking ahead and, I feel, we did fairly good.

Zuraal - Fairly easy tank and spank with adds. He randomly spawns void globes that will leave snail-like trails behind them of void-badness. They need to be killed quickly to avoid filling the arena. He also randomly drops a large pool of void that must be a-voided. :) Basically, just keep moving.

Saprish - Hunter with 2 pets. Or... A flying boss bird, with humanoid pet. There are three players in this encounter, Saprish the Etheral and his 2 pets; a bird Shadewing and a cat, Darkfang. We wiped 4 times because we didn't interrupt Shadewing. The Dead Screech would overlap with the void traps causing almost 10 seconds of stun. The 'trick' that we came to was to focus on Shadewing and share the job of interrupting his stun.. They share a health pool, so one going down, means they all drop.

Viceroy Nezhar - Boss is basically shadow priest. Kill his tentacle adds whenever he spawns them. Otherwise we two-shotted boss.

L'ura - Final boss in dungeon. Corrupted Naaru who spawns void portals. Kill adds then shift attack boss after closing portals. Stuff on ground to avoid, but didn't seem difficult to avoid.


  1. I usually play retribution paladin and had a bit of experience as a tank as well. But for this new instance, I went in as healer just to see how it feels like. Can't help the DPS that would NOT stop standing in bad stuff. Overall, I had a much smoother time healing in Mythic than Heroic. Perhaps the Mythic players are much better geared.

    1. From my experience, we tend to be a bit better geared (my pally is 921 atm with no heroic/mythic raid pieces) and learned to not ignore the mechanics. 7.3 had a few changes that really toughened up some of the early expac dungeons so running a +3 was about like a +6/7 from 7.2.


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