Topic 23: Why Do I Blog?

Everyone who has created a blog has done so for a reason. For all of you WoW bloggers out there, what was that reason? Why did you choose to put fingers to keys to write about a computer game? What type of posts do you like to write? Does your blog have a theme to it, or do you just wing it and write whatever you want? We’d love to know!

Blogging as a community
As I've stated in previous posts, WoW is all about the community. One of the most striking elements of the video game is the number of 'third party' contributors to the game. Sure there are the big companies that have large staffs of people posting about this game (as any game does, pcgamer, gamespot, wowhead, blizzwatch, etc.), but it's the bloggers that help it stand out. Us bloggers add life to a game that would probably otherwise die. We comment, we complain, we analyze, we deconstruct. If not for community like ours, we wouldn't have flying any longer in new content. Blizzard would have been able to save money not having to put tops on buildings, or clouds in the sky. Why bother, no one will see them?? 

Blogging as expression
what I envisioned my cousin's accommodations to look like.
Often in social situations, friends and family will discuss something interesting coming up in their lives. With these things, I'll suggest they start up a blog. Social media has turned the world into 140-character sound-bites, instant gratification youtube tidbits and or #IGotLikes facebook feeds. Blogging exposes people up to new ideas and allows them to be shared (for facebook likes even!?) with everyone. If not for bloggers, we would only have information that was good for the bottom-line, the fiscally responsible information; what the advertisers allow. For example, I have a cousin who after leaving one profession, decided to live in a village in the Philippines for a year, teaching ESL classes to the locals. Her blog, (which I cannot locate now) described her stay. She discussed things like how villagers would come through her 'house' and go fishing using the trapdoor there. Blogging allowed her to stay in contact with the family, posting updates in irregular updates, but hit a number of us at the same time. 

Blogging for the experience
As a techie, I've never been really strong writer. College, I struggled with my classes that included heavy writing requirements (english, history), while succeeding in the art, math, science, and computer classes. I started blogging to force myself to write more. This blog is my way of practicing writing informally, regularly. 

Blogging for me
Most importantly, blogging is for me. This blog is often a resource to come back to later on and review information. I'll spend the down time at work, researching (currently reading up on TOS LFR Wing 3) and post the strat as I found it. This helps that night as I go into TOS LFR Wing 3 and already know the fights. If my healer (as he's fond of doing) says he doesn't know the fights, I can then text him the URL to read before we start fight.
  • Theme: Casual Warcraft - I am NOT going to be posting about mythic raiding (unless it's about wanting my friendship moose). Heck, I am probably not going to be ranting about heroic raiding nerfs (unless it's soloing old content). My game play style, hence my blog, is going to covet workWarcraft-life balance, standing up for LFG/LFR, PUGS and making the game more supportive of parents playing after the kids are in bed. 
  • Topics: It will also cover topics that I find interesting. I love the more group aspects of this game. LFR/LFG, PVP BGs. 
  • On the other side, I also won't be posting game from non-warcraft games, strats to something else (unless it's about how it relates or complaining about the 'content drought').. 
  • Writing style: Casual. I don't plan many of my posts further ahead than the PEBKAC interface. Yes, I sit on some posts for a few days, adding tidbits here or reviewing items, but I don't have an outline or work flow. 


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