LFR TOS: Chamber of the Avatar - Wing 3

This is for the third wing of Tomb of Sargeras. For the other two wings:

As today, Monday, I haven't done this raid yet, so I don't know how complete DBM is.

Maiden of Vigilance (aka Guitar Maiden)
  • Split raid into two sides of boss. (light or yellow and fel or green)
  • When infused with light or fel run to that color (yellow vs green) [place down raid marker]
  • Unstable soul - is because on wrong color with infusion. Doesn't do raid wide damage in lfr, stay on platform. 
  • Tanks should take hammer based on their infusion. Creation = light, obliteration = fel. Fel tank taunt immediately after hammer of creation. 
  • Phase 2 - boss teleports to other side. Run to her and take down her bulwark ( ie Karazhan's Maiden of Virtue). Can run down center line to avoid all orbs. 
  • Soak matching color orbs to match your infusion. Gives buff +10% damage +5% healing buff per stack up to 10 stacks. Players can stack when soaking orbs to share buff.

Just found Darkmech's videos, they're excellent (concise, good info), but many f-bombs, so be warned.

Another boss that has been severely nerfed in LFR. There is no 'maiden' in this fight, so you only need to deal with the 'avatar' mechanics. The hardest element of the fight, personally, was phase 2 and making sure the boss didn't 'eat' the entire platform before the DPS killed him off. I had a druid lead-tank it, dive into the lava seconds before he cast [desolate] and then swim back (or priest yank him back).
  1. Taunt on DBM
  2. Run out when he casts ruptured realities
  3. dodge giant spears that appear at boss. 
Phase 2: (fall through floor)
  1. Taunt on DBM
  2. Position in furthest corner possible for when he breaks big portion of floor.
  3. Can even jump in lava right before cast complete to move boss off platform. Taunt boss off tank in lava.


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