LFR TOS - Wailing Halls - Tank POV

I went into this wing with no preview of the fights and survived. Luckily I had an experienced co-tank and DBM yelling at me at important moments, so we never wiped, but hmm. I was completely confused by the Sister's fight (#2 in this wing) until reading the wowhead description (linked by each boss). I'll keep updating the notes below as I learn more about each fight and clean-up comments that didn't make sense.

Wing 1 - Gates of Hell videos, icy veins links and prot paladin POV.
Wing 3 - Chamber of the Avatar

Demonic Inquisition  

Relatively easy fight. Little movement necessary. I picked up Artigan and pretty much stuck with him the entire encounter. We did little to 'coordinate stacks', but we did manage to avoid overlapping the confess. 

  1. keep Artigan faced away away from raid to avoid aoe damage.
  2. keep bosses separated.
  3. kite Artigan during bone saw to avoid additional stacks of torment
  4. attempt to coordinate stacks of torment (max 100) so don't confess at same time.
  5. Click CONFESS at 100% torment, tank the tormented soul after you confess
  6. collect remnants of hope - these are your 'key's to get back to other realm.

Sisters of the Moon

I really have no idea what was going on in this fight. I taunted when DBM announced, but it was saying so much, that I didn't really understand what else was going on. "Avoid the lines"? This seemed to come during Incorporeal shot when we were to stack. I never saw a button to purge things, so I assume it had to do with a ying-yang floor color dance? 

(Icy veins) (wowhead)
  1. Keep the boss in the middle of the encounter area to allow players to freely move around the room. LFR doesn't do enough damage to players so moving between light and dark is not important.
  2. Taunt swap on 5 stacks of lunar fire (DBM will tell you)
  3. pick up moontalon add during phase 2
  4. Stack during incorporeal shot (maybe)
  5. use astral purge to clear debuffs (i don't remember this button in LFR version)

Desolate Host

I took the corporeal side of this fight (don't click on the font of ghostliness). Fight was rather straightforward, but I may have missed things.. Basically, I picked up 3 adds, then kept them entertained for awhile, avoiding giant purple stripes appearing on the ground. 

  1. Corporeal realm tank - keep aggro on Engine of Souls as he casts bone shards on highest threat. 
  2. Corporeal realm - Boss casts tormented cries which put out large triangle of purple, I'd suggest start by facing the boss towards corners (away from spirit boss) and working out. The triangle causes silence (and a lot of damage) to those standing in it. They stick around for about 30-40 seconds, so you will have a few on ground.
  3. Turn (spirit realm) boss towards (corporeal realm) adds below 50% health to remove bone-armor buff. 
  4. Tank swap if miss 'crush minds' isn't interrupted. (also didn't see this, we stayed put entire fight)
  5. Run TO other player if affected by soulbind (cross realm)
  6. RAID: keep even spread of players across two realms.
  7. Corporeal tank - grab Desolate Hosts when spawns at phase 2. Doesn't happen in LFR.


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