Warlock Legion Week 1

Legion is upon us. Only took me three days to finally login. I started on my main, Elkagorasa, and spent about an hour to go through the artifact weapon quest chain and settle his class hall. It wasn't bad,  or hard like the green the chain. In fact,  it was a quaint bit of lore.  My biggest complaint is that I had a human disc priest helping me out, casting his healing bubbles on me for some big fights. But then, he deserts me on the boss fight, causing me to wipe twice on that fight.

The warlock class hall is a major let down. I know that Blizzard said it was going to be dh prison world, but really? So,  can I take any of these demons with me as a body guard? No. Can I change my demons names with one there already? No. Can I learn vanity glyphs that allowed my pony to run on water?!  No. BTW my druid CAN pickup a spell to CHANGE HER travel form..

Gearing has been relatively easy. Went from. 704 post pre-expansion to 718 before leaving first quest zone. Mr Robot is coming in handy with his BiB tool.  The interface change has  been a little confusing,  but I think I have it. Question,  how do I determine my gear for destruction while still leveling affliction? @askmrrobot

Favorite parts:
  • Four starting zones instead of one or two.  This has allowed me to run a different zone with each toon. Warlock Azsuna, druid that druid zone.  Probably going to go back on priest and pick something other than Azsuna. 
  • Solo most content. What I can't, often I'll find someone else nearby about to trash the same world boss. One quest chain had me zone intro erodar and help velen. I accidentally pulled a mini-boss and all his minions. They had me down to 8% health as I ran.  Happily the Draenei that I was saving,  stood there and healed plus dps. We killed all and no wipes. 
  • Multi-tap.  If I see someone working on the same mini-boss that I just killed,  I am happy to throw a few instant cast spells and send my minion over there. Running through the murlock area,  I managed to chain most of the reef along with me.  So I stopped at the end where a Tauren and undead were killing and (without asking) enlisted their help.. 😊 I didn't feel TOO bad because they both got xp as well.  
  • Zoneless.  No matter where I go,  I am always the right level. With the mix of old and new content,  sometimes it's hard to tell if this is the quest zones or not. Hey look that's a 110 alliance warrior helping me with this bird.  Oh look there's a level 50 in New Dalaran? 
  • Demon hunters. My son is now at level 101,  Dingo of Auchindoun.  I don't think he realized it,  but it's a PVP realm and can easily be targeted by the Horde.  
  • The critters. It's awesome to be exploring an area and find animals hidden under trees and in nooks around the zone. Friend mentioned killing a bear for skinning, only to have cubs appear, whimpering about their dead mom. Found the fawn that you can pet and he excitedly prances around the inn. The prancing ponies and animals chomping on the verdant meadows. 


  1. For whatever reason it does not appear that Warlocks or Warriors have any of the special tome/glyph items that give us some of the cool flavor pieces from the old days :(


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