The Adventures of Teddi the Pandaren - part 3

Last night, Teddi ported back to Orgrimmar to partake in the Mid-Summer Fire Festival celebration. He took a spin on the 'may-pole', did some torch tossing (putting the quest item on '2' on keyboard) and then ran a dungeon (while torch still on 2). With all of the festivities, plus monk buff, he managed (to my surprise) to ding 90 last night. (no banner, no 'welcome to draenor', no fanfare at all).

The dungeon last night was a Cataclysm timewalker, Tol'vir. Nothing awesome dropped, but I did go turn in the quest for 500 TW badges. With this I picked up replacements for three items, each coming in at 483 gear score.

The belt has a nice, bronze buckle built in, so it might actually be a keeper in my pirate xmog. Overall the xmog is coming along nicely. The chest piece was relatively easy to pickup (at 88-89) as the quests were in Thousand Needles (level 40?). The hardest of them all was a 'firefighting' quest where you have to put out fires lit by the headless horseman, er, pirates! :) Same aiming reticule, same narrow 'correctness' margin. I am still working on opening up the quests in Twilight Highland. I've now done one quest for Garona and should have these soon. Still need to run the dungeon to get gloves, and backtrack to find the quest to pickup the shoulders (Hinterlands). 

Belt of Hidden Keys from Cata TW Vendor

So now that I'm level 90, that means.. 
  1. Talents - I guess I need to select my level 90 talent. According to Noxxic, it should be Invoke Xuen. IcyVeins agrees, but they are different on earlier talents. I wonder who I should listen to? 
  2. Timeless gear! I need my auction house goblin to send some gear tokens over to Teddi. As I don't want to break up the heirloom set, I'll probably just send over tokens for non-heirloom slots. (I didn't just spend 15,000 gold to upgrade the tokens for nothing!)
  3. LFR? I noticed last night, that I could start running raids. No idea if there is actually people online at night running Mogu'shan Vaults at 10PM PDT, but once Teddi equips some Timeless gear, he should have the i-score to queue. 
  4. Garrison - Now starts the final stretch into Draenor. I think this should go fairly quickly for a couple reasons, including flying is unlocked, heirloom gear, accelerated mind pots, etc. I am going to try out the garrison follower guide like I followed on my alliance hunter, 14 followers for Horde, nice. Wonder if I can get them all before I reach 100??
  5. Late Add: Check out enchants applied via Ask Mr Robot on my current gear. As I am now over 85, I should be able to apply all fixes.. 
1 day, 19 hours, 52 minutes
49 bubbles of rested to use


  1. Started working on the follower guide. Nice way to get some experience, but I've quickly ran into a level wall. It appears that after I leave the starting zone, at 92, I can no longer acquire the followers. Gorgrond followers have a quest that requires level 94... /sigh. To date, Teddi now has 10 followers, but still only getting 2 follower-quests each turn, so not much use. BUT he does get 100% on each run because SOMEONE will work.


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