My Casual Legion Reaction

Feels a lot like a mashup of Burning Crusades and Wrath.

We have elves, we have Valkyrs, we have mountain region loving tauren. Oh My!

The Dalaran Justice League of Mages has relocated their floating city base to here.. About time they get involved again. I can only guess that it was too hard to drive their floating city to the turtle and/or through the dark portal..

Helheim: Ghost Ship dungeon
As they said, everyone's FAVORITE dungeon, Violet Hold, is coming along too. (Ran this dungeon yesterday on my level 77 druid. The question came up why the guards don't simply use their aoe electric shield on all of the escaping mobs? Why bring in a group of under-geared noobs!?)

Best slide of deck: Feral druid artifact weapon upgrades.
You envied the warlocks and their green fire quest chain? No problem, to get your artifact weapon, every class will need to do a spec specific quest. Play a dual-spec discipline/shadow priest?? Guess what, 2 different weapons, twice the fun!

Garrisons lonely? How about Class Halls!? Now you can see how unpopular your class really is! (Question: Will this be a CRZ area for warlocks?!)

You wanted Illidan? Yeah, he's in there. See, he's in the cut scene!

You wanted Malfuriou? Yep, entire zone for druid lore.

You wanted The Emerald Dream!? Oh yes, but we meant the corrupted Emerald Nightmare!

New Hero Class! No need to level all the way 0 to 90 on a new class! We'll start you at 85 and you'll get some lore!

I don't have 4 horns! That's my BElf ears! Geesh!

So, Warlocks, what weapon do you think will be our artifact weapon? Supposedly, it is a 'dropped' weapon from a dead class hero. That would mean we are going to grab the weapon from another warlock. WoWWiki lists 11 'noteable' warlocks. Only a few of them actually carry weapons (at least in those screenshots I've seen). I am looking at two options possible..
  • Atiesh used by Medivh
  • Glaive of the Pit (?) dropped by Magtheridon.
  • Or is it this polearm wielded by Magtheridon? Which I only see on forums, but no where else..

I personally like the un-named weapon as it's a bit more sinister (not so bright and shiny) looking..

Beta by November? Just in time for release around June?! 


  1. NO, this is how our class weapon is going to play out.

    You log in as a fresh level 100 and you see a mail in your inbox. It's from Maiev. It reads:

    "I have heard of your exploits against Gul'dan in the alternate Draenor and I dare say that I am impressed with your demonic feats. The Shadow Wardens have a special task for you should you want to...enhance your abilities. Meet me in the sanctum of your Class Hall".

    So you go to the class hall, down a discrete staircase at the back past the ritual altar, down into a series of winding caves past the sanctum.

    Maeiv is waiting with a few elite wardens with a quest. You accept the quest which reads:

    "I see you've taken up on my offer. I'm going to be blunt, we are going to get your demonic little hands on Gul'dan's very staff."

    Long story short we become Sargeras, the game ends and the first thing we do is get rid of cross-realm zones. The end.


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