Soloing Ulduar for Glory to Ulduar Raider Achieves

Last night, after I finished my dailies for the Netherwing, I decided to go run Ulduar for both the achievement mount and hopefully, Mimiron's head. 30 minutes of emptying bags, and turning in quest items, I finally show up at the entrance of Ulduar. I then spent the next 3 hours gathering achievements, until I had to give up for the day (2am local) and go get some sleep.

Let's start here.This quick 6 minute long video is based on running with a level 100 toon. This is extremely helpful in seeing the fights from that perspective before hand..
  1. Orbit-uary - This was easier than mention in the video. When your DPS is doing 1 million damage using the main (button 1) cannon, why use anything else. 
  2. Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare - I am at 8:25 dwarfs at the moment. It appears that the main technique is you have to do damage to the dwarf after the boss is pulled down. As a destro warlock, my technique was to splash a rain of fire over their mole machine. This would aggro them for me when they came running for my helpers. Then drag them around until they could get the harpoons activated again. Once active, position nearly infront of the boss and wait for him to breathe. His knockback did the most damage to me, 60-70k damage. So after a few rounds of this, I was almost dead. I repeated the fight 3 times. 
  3. Stokin' the Furnace - simple DPS race. 
  4. Heartbreaker - I was afraid of doing too much damage to the boss and pushing him passed the phase, so I stripped naked. DPS was noticably lower in that I really had to work at getting that heart down quickly.. 
  5. I choose you, steelbreaker - messed this one up. Supposed to kill steelbreaker last. I just dps'd who ever was closest to me. 
  6. Disarmed - Also messed up this one. Took too long between different parts. Should be able to AOE down the arms, then focus on body. Or maybe go a little slower and dps the arms down to 50%, body to 50% then go for it.. 
  7. Crazy Cat Lady - DPS race. 
  8. I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare - DPS Race
  9. Lose Your Illusion-  I am not sure if necessary, but I used a run speed buff to get to him. I don't think it would have mattered. 
  10. Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood - DPS Race, head straight for boss, focus on her, then aoe down trash. 
I still haven't attempted these achievements. Running around the raid last night was getting tedious and I was lost. I think I see where I messed up for Mimiron. I took the tram to the second location, thought I was coming up to Yogg so I ported back to the entrance area.. 
  1. Firefighter
  2. I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning
  3. One Light in the Darkness

Checking WoWHead (combined with using their addon), I see I can filter on all the achievements still outstanding within this raid. First off, search for "10-Player" returns only the achievements that can be earned on, well, 10-player mode. Second by right-clicking on the "Completion" column, I can filter it for "=0" or incomplete achievements.


  1. Some help, even if you already know it.

    Firefighter, press the button DPS race.

    Saronite, this will take some time, you have to let the mists spawn and then join. Make sure your pet has no AoE damage abilities activated so it does not accidentally kill one. Send it manually to attack boss. Interrupt when you can, heal if you need, avoid junk, then DPS race when it spawns, kill it, kill him.

    Go zero light, still easy.

    Oddly enough this fight and achievement is harder on 10 man than 25 man. Just as a warning. Unless they fixed it you will continue to lose sanity when solo in 10 man and it becomes a huge race. On 25 man you do not, unless you do something wrong.

    Put pet on passive, so it is always close to you.

    Use this macro if the constrictor grabs you. This is my hunter one, change the attack to one your pet will have. When you are grabbed your pet bar disappears, so to have your pet attack the target you want it to you will need this.

    /tar Constrictor
    /petattack [exists,nodead]
    /cast Bite(Basic Attack)

    When you go inside dream do not face the mobs, drop rain of fire on them and move along, that should kill them and what spawns in their place no problem. When all are dead blow up the brain, come out and DPS race from there on. You most likely will kill it before you need to go in again. If you do need to go in again, rinse and repeat.

    Been doing this on 25 for the mount once in a while since last expansion. No luck, but is a hell of a lot easier now.

    Good luck.

  2. 324 attempts, and the stupid head is mine. Now I don't have any weekly disappointment for now.


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